Review: With Love From Rose Bend
Rose Bend (Book #3)
HQN Books
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Owen Stafford came to Rose Bend to hide after an accident that left him scarred and frightened that his NFL career might be over. A place to heal and decide the fate of the rest of his life. But the one thing he didn’t expect was to come face to face with the woman he spent a one-night stand one year ago. So when Leontyne Dennison knocks on the door of the professional football player hiding out in their small town, she is shocked to see the face of the man she has not been able to forget. She also realizes that Owen gave her a false name when they met. But not only that, he pretends not to remember her because he wants her to go away and let him wallow in self-pity. Little does he know that she is precisely what he needs.

Owen is a professional football player involved in a car accident that left one side of his face scarred. As a result, his self-confidence in his talent and the public has been shaken. He turns himself into a hermit and only goes out when necessary. When he does go out, he makes sure his hair covers the injured side of his face so he won’t witness the pitying looks. Leo is a sweet and loving young woman with a heart as big as the town she lives in who helps run her family’s Inn. She suffered a terrible loss years ago and chose to deal with it on her own. Unfortunately, she trusted the wrong man, so she has been on a love hiatus. Her life is devoted to making her family’s business successful.

WITH LOVE FROM ROSE BEND is a beautiful story focused on two individuals lost in their private pain. Owen and Leo have hurdles they have to overcome. But, it was wonderful to see their characters get together and help each other heal and open their hearts to love again. They clicked when they met a year earlier. And fate brought them together again to finish what they started. Great read. The small town of Rose Bend was born out of Ms. Simone's imagination, but the characters are so real you can picture them in your mind. This author is one of my favorite storytellers because her stories are always well-written with memorable characters.

WITH LOVE FROM ROSE BEND is another excellent read by Ms. Simone. The story is entertaining, emotional, and steamy. I would certainly recommend it to others.

2nd May 2022 |