Review: What Happens on Vacation
Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws (Book #4)
Harlequin Desire
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Kudos to the Empress of Black Love for this engaging story of another Outlaw sibling and the woman who wins his heart! Senator Jessup Outlaw and Paige Novak  are the couple highlighted in this series, Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws. There are a couple of genius connections that are weaved into the tight storyline. First, the heroine, Paige, is the sister of Pamela Novak Westmoreland who is married To Dillion Westmoreland (WESTMORELAND’S WAY). In WHAT HAPPENS ON VACATION, some time has passed, and Paige is an up-and-coming Hollywood actress. Ironically, she and Jess met six years ago, but they were both busy concentrating on their careers. Timing wasn’t right.

When the story opens, in need of some rest and relaxation from their busy and successful careers, Jess and Paige accidentally meet at Russell Vineyards, the second connection that Ms. Jackson inserts. Russell Vineyards is owned by Spencer Westmoreland and Chardonnay Russell Westmoreland (
SPENCER’S FORBIDDEN PASSION). Who knew that back in the day when we read that story, we would encounter Spencer and Chardonnay providing the background for another branch of the Westmoreland clan? It’s serendipity!

Paige has a lot on her mind concerning her Hollywood career, and the way it is being handled by her agent and the press. She is not happy with her present situation that involves another popular actor with whom she has been in an unfulfilling relationship. She wants out, but he does not. That’s all the bitter tea I’ll spill about that situation. Just remember the name, Kemp Pierson, the proverbial “fly in the ointment”. To help Paige with her dilemma, Jess presents her with a plan that will solve her problem with Kemp. Yes, fans, Jess is on it. His plan is one hundred percent aimed at not only getting rid of Kemp, but also bringing him and Paige closer. Will it work? You must read the story to find that out! However, I will say that Jess Outlaw doesn’t waste time staking his claim to the lovely Paige. Yet, something happens to make him doubt Paige’s commitment. I’ll allow you to discover that when you read the story.

The Westmorelands and the Outlaws are right there with advice and support for Paige and Jess when they ask and when they don’t. I just love how these families stand at the ready to defend and protect their own. Great scene when Paige finally rids herself of her nemesis. The Epilogue contains some delightful news about Bane and Crystal. Another Westmoreland is also mentioned. AJ or Alisdare Westmoreland, son of Dare and Shelly (
A LITTLE DARE) makes an appearance. We just might see him again. Fingers crossed.

I loved this story. It is my favorite so far of the
Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series. The Westmorelands and the Outlaws are in full effect as Jess and Paige journey to their HFN. WHAT HAPPENS ON VACATION…is an engaging and entertaining story. I highly recommend it!

1st April 2022 |