Review: Truth, Lies and Mr. Grey
The Three Mrs Greys (Book #2)
Kensington Books
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Cyrus Grey lies in his bedroom, planning the demise of his three wives for what he sees as their betrayal after they found out about the others' existence. Never mind the fact that he committed bigamy, Cyrus thinks they should be grateful for all the material things he afforded them. He wants them to look past his indiscretions and go on as usual. Cyrus also knows his partner tried to kill him, and he plans to settle the score with him as well. But, Unbeknown to Cyrus, two of his enemies are planning to kill him. Indeed, he is an intelligent, charming, conning man who always thinks he has the upper hand. But this time, he underestimates his adversary. And it just may prove fatal.

Vanessa, Noelle, and Diamond have formed other relationships in the aftermath of the scandal created when the public learns of Cyrus’s secrets and lies. Noelle is finally going to have the baby she’s always wanted. Diamond finds love in the most unlikely person. Since Vanessa has not worked in quite a while, she is searching for another millionaire to take Cyrus's place.

is an excellent read with the same characters from the first book. Passions run high and more skeletons are revealed. Ms. Ellis gives us more insight into this love triangle and just how devious and dangerous Cyrus can be. On the outside, he appears to be a successful businessman. But underneath those expensive suits, Cyrus is a cold-blooded killer, and he does not hesitate to get his pound of flesh when he is crossed. In addition to that, the author answers some lingering questions I had after reading the first book. She certainly delivers. But then, I did not doubt that she would.

TRUTH, LIES, AND MR. GREY is a sequel to THE THREE MRS. GREYS, the first book in this two-book series. I have been waiting to read this sequel to see what happened to the three women who were so unfortunate as to trust a charming criminal. But unfortunately, the answer is they loved him. So, I recommend reading both books to understand all the players in this narrative.

16th April 2022 |