Review: To Catch A Raven
TO CATCH A RAVEN - Beverly Jenkins
Women Who Dare (Book #3)
Harper Collins/Avon
Brenda Larnell (A+)
REVIEW: Well, the inimitable Beverly Jenkins has done it again! TO CATCH A RAVEN is a masterpiece of historical romance that will have you spell-bound from the Prologue to the Epilogue. Nobody writes like the living legend. She crafts a stellar story that entertains and educates at the same time. TO CATCH A RAVEN is the last book (Book #3) of the Women Who Dare Series. We are introduced to the formidable Raven Moreau, a worthy Bev Jenkins heroine, and Braxton Steele, a bit of a Cinnamon Roll hero, who is coerced into a fake relationship with Raven. Raven and her entire New Orleans family are grifters, counterfeiters, gamblers and swindlers, and they are very good at what they do. Braxton is a tailor who is the owner of his legitimate business in Boston. Talk about opposites attract!

An ambitious and morally defunct Pinkerton Agent, Ruth Welch, (aka Wilma Gray) contacts Harrison Steel, Braxton’s father, and questions him about his early association with Hazel Moreau, matriarch of the family. During the course of the questioning, Agent Welch leaves the Steele men with a proposition that they cannot refuse because they have no choice. When they travel to New Orleans to present the proposal to Hazel and her family, the storyline shifts to spotlight an undercover plot to retrieve a stolen copy of the Declaration of Independence from a state Senator in Charleston, South Carolina. Now you know, that’s all the tea I’m spilling. You must read this engrossing story for yourself. Not only will Raven and Braxton team together, go undercover as husband and wife to bring closure to the theft of the document to satisfy Agent Welch, and stop all threats about going to prison from past Moreau family crimes, but they will also manage to fall in love. It’s serendipity.

To go along with the tight and smooth storyline, there is a robust cast of side characters who contribute to the development of the main characters and add to the intrigue of the story. For example, there is Dorrie, the young girl with “second sight”, who is taken in by the Moreau family. She is a very enchanting character. I love the connections that are made to other Jenkins’ historicals through side characters. The lovely Julianna LeVeq-Vincent  and Pinkerton Agent Welch-(Gray) appear in this story, but we first met them in
WINDS OF THE STORM. The fate of the not-so-honorable Agent Welch (Gray) is crazy good, and Julianna has a lot to do with it. The Epilogue houses Raven and Braxton’s HEA, and it unfolds as it was foretold.

TO CATCH A RAVEN is a compelling and riveting story that sheds light on several historical nuggets that are enlightening. That’s one of the reasons I love Ms Jenkins’ stories. I learn something new about African American history with each novel. This book is a total winner!  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. You can thank me later!

21st August 2022 |