Review: Their Alaskan Past
Home to Owl Creek (Book #2)

Harlequin Love Inspired
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Once again, prolific author, Belle Calhoune, transports her readers to Owl Creek, Alaska and introduces us to Maya Roberts, a veterinarian, and Ace, Reynolds, an Iditarod racer. This story is a sweet, feel-good romantic tale armed with some of the cutest dogs ever. Maya has returned to Owl Creek to run her dad’s thriving vet business, but she needs someone who has experience with dogs to spearhead her latest grant project, a dog-rescue program. She can’t launch the program until she finds the right person to run it. Enter hometown Iditarod legend, Ace Reynolds.

The storyline revolves around Maya and Ace as they come to grips with the critical issue that abruptly interrupted and consequently ended their love affair. It could be a second chance to renew their love. What happened between Maya and Ace five years ago that caused Maya to flee Owl Creek, settle in another state, and leave Ace heart-broken and wondering why, is the heart and soul of this story. Maya kept her secret from everyone (including Ace and her parents) except one person, her best friend, Florence.

As you can imagine, Maya’s leaving caused a contentious wedge between her and Ace. Besides that, Ace is also struggling with the reason he is back in Owl Creek permanently. However, reader fans, I do not spill tea. So, in order to discover the secret Maya kept, and the reason Ace is back, then you must read the story. I’m just saying.

Because Ace needs a job, and Maya needs an experienced dog-handler to head her project, they find themselves working comfortably together. Their love for dogs also serves as a catalyst in bringing them closer together. Eventually, Ace and Maya gradually renew their friendship. Baby steps. I like the way Ms. Calhoune resolves the conflicts that the main characters face. Speaking of characters, if you follow the Owl Creek series, then expect to re-unite with some of the leads from previous books in the series. The HFN for Maya and Ace is sweet.

Forgiveness, faith, and love are key factors in the outcome of
THEIR ALASKAN PAST. If you enjoy reading uplifting and inspirational romance stories, then THEIR ALASKAN PAST is the book for you. You can thank me later.

18th April 2022 |