Review: The Wedding Crasher
Avon Books
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: The cover of Mia Sosa’s latest book, THE WEDDING CRASHER, perfectly captures the theme. Solange Perreira is completing a teaching assignment as part of her graduate degree, and is relocating at the end of the summer. She is helping her cousin Lina at a wedding she is coordinating. A wedding is a joyous occasion, so what could go wrong? Everything, when Solange hears the bride expressing her love to someone who is not the groom!

Dean Chapman is a lawyer who is trying to stay on track with his checklist, including making partner by the age of 30 and finding a suitable partner to form a power couple. A marriage of convenience works fine for him. He is minutes away from accomplishing his goal when things do, in fact, go wrong. A few weeks later, Dean needs to someone to pretend to be his girlfriend, in order to get closer to that partner title. Solange owes him big time and can also satisfy her nosy family as well. Again, I ponder: What could go wrong?

Solange and Dean start spending time together as a “couple” and realize they like each other’s personality. In spite of that, Dean feels he’s not built for romance and Solange has a habit of dating emotionally unavailable men. She longs for true love. A sexy rendition of a karaoke song during a night out, combined with too much to drink, leads to a first kiss that packs plenty of heat. The heat builds as Solange and Dean keep up appearances with Dean’s colleagues and Solange’s family. One of their outings places them in an uncomfortable situation at a party, thanks to Dean’s work nemesis, but both are curious and decide to stay. At several points, they forget they are pretending and enjoy the physical benefits of a relationship.

The entire experience causes them both to self-reflect: Dean finds himself wondering about this whole love thing. At one point he’s looking in a glass of water “as if it’s an aquarium and he’s searching for marine life within its depths”. That is just one example of how Ms. Sosa uses imagery to provide the perfect visual for the reader. Solange is at a point of reflection in her life as well; does she relocate and start fresh or does she continue to make a difference where she is? Time will tell if these two are truly a love match.

Ms. Sosa writes a story with depth, rich dialogue and funny moments. The supporting characters complement the story as we get updates from Lina and Max from
THE WORST BEST MAN and Solange’s Mom and Tia’s (Aunts). I highly recommend THE WEDDING CRASHER.

9th April 2022 |