Review: The Shoe Diaries
The Friendship Chronicals (Book #1)

Harlequin Special Edition
Shirley Fleming (B+)
REVIEW: Reagan Doucet is a woman on a journey to find love and career fulfillment. She met Jake Saunders in college and thought he was her ever after. But Jake broke her heart when he moved away to start his career without her. Jake’s actions left Raegan jaded when it comes to love. But even though life went on, Jake was never far from her thoughts. A few years later, they meet at a friend's wedding, and the old feelings resurfaced for Raegan. Unfortunately, their past will not allow her to believe that she and Jake can make it this time until a tragedy occurs. Raegan has grown tired of playing it safe and decides to put her doubts aside and embrace a future with Jake.

Reagan is a talented writer for a political news online magazine. But her job is stagnant because she can’t write the type of stories she feels are essential today. Her boss is adamant that she stay the course. But her friends encourage her to seek her dream job where she can let her creativity flow.

THE SHOE DIARIES by Darby Baham is a good read. The characters are multilayered, as well as the storyline. The story surrounds ride-or-die friends and the ups and downs they experience in life. Although the story touched on romance, romance played a small part in this drama. Instead, it was mostly centered on the love and comraderie between Raegan, Christine, Jennifer, and Robin. And, of course, Raegan’s enormous shoe fetish. The author did a great job painting a clear picture of what true friendship should look like. However, I wanted to see more than a glimpse of Raegan and Jake together. I couldn’t grasp the deep feelings that should exist between them the few times they were in each other’s presence. But overall, this was a well-written book.

THE SHOE DIARIES is funny, entertaining, and a little sad in some scenes. It will make you take stock of your life. I recommend you read it and feel the love between these strong females who will always stand by each other.

3rd March 2022 |