Review: The Royal Baby He Must Claim
Jet-Set Billionaires (Book #2)
Harlequin Presents
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Princess Kemi Obatola and security billionaire, Luke Ibru, are featured in this romantic tale that revolves around a couple of familiar romantic themes. The accidental pregnancy and the arranged marriage are the two tropes that this intriguing story revolves around. The setting is the African continent shifting from Nigeria to the Seychelles.

Kemi has lived a very sheltered life. A traumatic experience happened to her, which led her father, the Oba of a small village, to deliberately place her and her sister, Tobi under guard 24/7. No spoilers. I’ll allow you to discover why the king has taken such drastic measures to guard his daughters. So, how does Kemi meet Luke?

Kemi’s sister, Tobi comes up with a brilliant idea that she and Kemi should escape the confines of the palace and do a little clubbing. The escape is a success, but something happens, and Kemi finds herself separated from Tobi and hooked-up with Luke. No deets. I’ll allow you to discover what happened to draw those two together. However, after a night of passion, Luke goes his way and Kemi goes hers. About six weeks later, “things get real”, and Kemi discovers she’s pregnant. What happens after that is the heart and soul of the story.

Luke insists that he and Kemi marry. Is Kemi substituting one gilded cage for another? Their “arranged” marriage produces some startling and compelling details about the billionaire security expert that affects their tenuous relationship. It will prove that money cannot buy peace or happiness. Kudos to Ms James for her insightful handling of a medical condition that can be fatal. Kemi and Luke are both prisoners of circumstances that control their lives. You’ll totally get it when you read the story.

The Epilogue that houses the couple’s HEA is truly a joy!
THE ROYAL BABY HE MUST CLAIM is a good read and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st April 2022 |