Review: The Love List
THE LOVE LIST - Niama Simone
Rose Bend (Book #2.5)
HQN Books
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Six months ago, Korrie Noel was jilted at the altar, which is humiliating for a wedding planner. Then, adding salt to a still-raw wound, her ex shows up while she’s coordinating another couple’s wedding. Her rescuer comes in the form of Israel Ford. Israel is a bartender with a bad boy image. Being a preacher’s daughter, Korrie is as straight-laced as they come. She approaches Israel to teach her how to break free and have fun. During their interactions, they fall for each other. But, having been scarred by previous relationships, they are afraid to reach out and grab the happiness they crave. Is their love strong enough to take another chance?

Israel is working as a bartender in Rose Bend. The reality; Israel is a romance novelist who lost his passion for writing two years ago when he discovered his wife cheating on him with his best friend. It shattered his world and caused him to develop writer's block. Korrie plans weddings for others and longs for a wedding of her own. She thought she had found the love of her life, only to face humiliation when she was left at the altar. Something broke inside her, and she will not put her heart out there to be stomped on again.

THE LOVE LIST is a short, feel-good, well-written story of two individuals who lost their belief in happily-ever-after. Korrie and Israel were hurt deeply by their past love. On the outside, they appear to have nothing in common. But they find a second chance at love with the right person in each other. Korrie and Israel found out that the second time around is so much better than the first. Thank you, Ms. Simone, for another great story! It may be short, but it has all the elements, including the passion of a full-length novel.

What an unlikely combination. A bartender and a pastor’s daughter. I highly recommend THE LOVE LIST. It’s a good story, and you can easily read it in one sitting. The author gives us another fine example of how you can find love when you least expect it, even in the small town of Rose Bend.
8th April 2022 |