Review: The House on Blueberry Lane
Catalina Cove (Book #6)
HQN Books
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: We are back in Catalina Cove, Louisiana, and what a treat it is to be a witness to a love rekindled. Velvet Spencer and Jaye Colfax are the stars of this second chance at love story. However, because it is Catalina Cove, we also get a chance to catch up with some old friends from previous stories in the series. After two years apart, Jaye is making his move to get Velvet back. If “leave no stone unturned” was a person, it would be Jaye. You’ll get that when you read their story.

The scenic town of Catalina Cove is the setting for the pending nuptials of Sierra Crane and Vaughn Miller. Let me stop here. If you have not read
ONE CHRISTMAS WISH, Book #5 of this series, then I highly recommend that you do. It will provide a smooth transition for this story. Now, back to our story. Sierra and Velvet arrived in Catalina Cove about the same time. Sierra, returning home after a divorce, and Velvet, seeking a new start after a heartbreaking break-up from a three-year affair with Jaye. Now, two years after their break-up, Jaye is a man with a plan to get Velvet back.  I won’t give away any deets or tea, but he definitely has his work cut out for him.

Everybody close to Velvet knows that she and Jaye should reconcile except Velvet. Friends and family are prevalent as they rally around Velvet and Jaye and offer support and advice. If you are a regular visitor to Catalina Cove, then you will recognize those couples who starred in their own stories and are now side characters in this one. I must mention Ruthie, Velvet’s bestie and confidante, and Mercury Steele, from the bad news Steeles, and Jaye’s best friend among those who are there for our heroine and hero. The HFN has promises of blueberry fields forever!

Brenda Jackson is the Queen of Contemporary African American Romance.  Her stories are engaging and brilliantly written. I recommend
THE HOUSE ON BLUEBERRY LANE. It combines just the right amount of heat and heart to give you a reading experience that draws you in from the first chapter to the last.

3rd July 2022 |