Review: The Hookup Plan
THE HOOKUP PLAN - Farrah Rochon
The Boyfriend Project (Boook #3)
Berkley Forever
Janet Caldwell (A)
REVIEW: Three women, jilted by the same man, unite to form a support system after deciding to swear off men and concentrate on “finding their life’s truth”. Samiah Brooks, London Kelly and Taylor Powell become fast friends after learning through a social media post that they are dating the same man. They turn lemons into lemonade and vow to form an alliance and meet periodically to encourage each in the pursuit of their life’s passion.

Samiah breaks rank first in
THE BOYFRIEND PROJECT, a unique suspenseful adventure that helps her realize rigid life plans can be altered to include romance. Taylor Powell is the next one to surrender her heart. In Rochon’s second installment, THE DATING PLAYBOOK, free-spirited and strong-willed Taylor yields to the type of man she has sworn off. She realizes her insecurities played a huge role in the failure of past relationships and going forward she must move past these failures and be open to new adventures.

The last installment in this romantic comedy series is the perfect novel for summer vacation reading. London Kelly, the brilliant over-worked pediatric surgeon, promises her cohorts to develop a better work-life balance while practicing better self-care. Part of her self-care implies finding a man by any means possible. Her relationship struggles with her father inspired her to excel but denied the opportunity to appreciate her handsome high school co-valedictorian rather than loathing him. Her 15th high school reunion in Austin, Texas, provides the chance to reexamine this missed opportunity and offers encouragement to explore what she has been missing.

Handsome Drew Sullivan is an over-worked, career-oriented millionaire who welcomes the chance to help London explore what they could have had in high school if only she had not been so focused on making his life hell. London and Drew’s journey to realization was sprinkled with comedy and drama. Both had family demons to battle before they could eliminate the rivalry tension between them.

I enjoyed Rochon’s series and almost wished they had picked up another friend along the way to extend this tale. Read the series in order to appreciate the camaraderie of Samiah, Taylor and London. You will be so happy you did!!

6th August 2022 |