Review: The Future King
The Royal House of Saene (Book #8)
Love Africa Press
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: THE FUTURE KING is the last book in the series that features the Royal House of Saene. Although I have not read all the books in this eight-book series, the four that I have read have been quite entertaining with THE FUTURE KING being my favorite. Talented author, Kiru Taye, does a masterful job of combining the traditional African customs with the modern-day African culture. Once again, the House of Saene under the leadership of His Majesty King Ibrahim Dan Aziz Saene of the Kingdom of Bugami is faced with a dilemma that will rock the Royal family. Front and center of all the mayhem is Prince Azikiwe Dan Ibrahim, aka Zik, and Princess Amara Onoh.

The story starts with Zik being summoned by his father, King Ibrahim, to one of the Royal residences. Zik, the playboy prince, also known as @playerzik on social media, has no idea what he is walking into. To add to his unease, Bugami has been in full lockdown mode for three months because of Covid-19. When Zik discovers the reason that he has been summoned to the palace, his whole life changes. Without spilling too much tea, I will tell you that by the end of the day, Zik finds himself as the Crown Prince of Bugami and betrothed to Amara, who had been set to marry Zik’s brother, Zawadi, the former Crown Prince (
THE TAINTED PRINCE). What happened, you may ask? Sorry, fans, you must read the story to discover what set these events in motion. Zik and Amara get off to a rocky start. She’s feeling like a reject, and he’s feeling like a puppet. Where is the love? I must mention that Queen #1, Queen Zulekha, bad-mouths Zik to the whole Royal family, while Zik’s mother, Sapphire, Queen# 2, is seething as she rises to the occasion and defends her son. Great scene! While Zik and Amara have their “come-to-Jesus” moment about their feelings for each other, outside the palace gates, the pandemic is still raging. Plus, the Nigerians are in full out protest over their treatment in Bugami. Not only is there no peace in the palace, but the drumbeat of unrest is getting louder in the streets.

The side characters, composed of Zik and Amara’s siblings, lend their support to the main characters. I love Queen #2 Sapphire’s character. She is a quiet storm who moves seamlessly into the #1 position. You’ll get that when you read the story. Kudos to the author for including an eclectic playlist that helps to tell the story of the future king and his future queen. The HEA is unforgettable.

THE FUTURE KING is an engaging and refreshing story. It can be read as a  stand-alone although it is part of an eight-book series. I recommend it for your reading pleasure

1st March 2022 |