Review: The Clarks of Northshire Bend
The Clarks of Northshire Bend (Prequel)
Love is a Drug Ink
Brenda Larnell | Rating: A
REVIEW: The first review of 2023 goes to the talented and creative writer, Stephanie Nicole Norris, Queen Bee of  Stephanie’s Queendom. If you like getting in on the beginning of a new series, now is your chance. The Clark family of Northshire Bend (Chicago, Illinois) is the book family highlighted in this series. Meet Malik Anthony Clark, CIA Operative; Special Agent Tristen Neil Clark; Langston Jamal Clark, Cyber Security-Department of Homeland Security, and Derek James Clark, the married brother and Chicago’s top real estate mogul. At the head of the family is the father, Fredrick Clark, CEO of Radius, a luxury sports car company, and mother, Cynthia Clark, who are divorced.

In this novella, you will get valuable background information on each of the brothers, except for Derek. Why? I glad you asked. Derek is featured in his own story,
HER NAUGHTY SUITOR, (Falling For A Rose, Book #10). If you are a follower of this prolific author, then you are very familiar with the elite Rose family of Chicago. I suggest that you read Derek’s story to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with this brother. So, what about the love lives of the three single Clark men? Without spilling too much tea, there are some women who appear on their radar. I will also tell you that Malik is especially attracted to one Tina Braddon, lead singer of Genesis Rising, a popular group composed of three women. You’ll meet Tina and the others when you read the story. The leading lady in this story is actually, Cynthia Denise Clark, the mother of the fine Clark brothers. Although divorced from the brothers’ father for some years, there is a disturbing situation that causes a rift between the brothers and their father. You’ll understand when you read the story.

I enjoyed this novella that presents some keen insights into the Clark family, and the brothers, Tristan, Langston and Malik. It’s a wonderful beginning to a new series that holds promises for romantic, sexy, and suspense-filled stories. I can’t wait to read each one. Ms Norris even surprises us with a Chapter One peek of
HIS MAIN ATTRACTION, the next story in the series featuring Malik and Tina. Sweet!

There’s nothing like getting in on the first book of a new series.
THE CLARKS OF NORTHSHIRE BEND: A PRELUDE is that book. I recommend it for your reading pleasure as one of the first books of the new year! Enjoy!

6th January 2022 |