Review: The Bookshop Rescue
Furever Yours (Book #9)
Harlequin Special Edition
Jennifer Copeland (A)
REVIEW: THE BOOKSHOP RESCUE by best-selling author Rochelle Alers is an amazing and heartwarming romance novel. This is Book #9 in Harlequin’s popular Furever Yours Series.

In this installment, we get the romance story of Lucy Tucker and Calum Ramsey. Lucy is the owner of a bookstore and has been fostering a dog from Furever Paws Animal Rescue. Calum is the owner of the local bowling alley. The pair first met each other when Lucy goes to introduce herself after moving and buying her business. Lucy moves into the town of Spring Forest after something personal happens to her. Since then, Lucy and Calum have found themselves attracted to each other. They share a kiss and Calum wants to ask Lucy out because he’s attracted to her, but he doesn’t want to ruin their relationship. Will Calum get the courage to ask Lucy out? Will Lucy and Calum get their chance at love? You will have to read
THE BOOKSHOP RESCUE by Rochelle Alers to find out!

What I love about the book is the setting. I love reading books that are set in small towns and have that at home feel. I love the storyline and how it moves so seamlessly that I feel as if I live in the small town of Spring Forest. Even though I’m not an animal lover, I love how Ms. Alers brings attention to the plight of fostering and rescuing animals. I also love the slow burn of the romance between Lucy and Calum. I love that they starte out as friends before anything else develops. The chemistry between the pair is sweet and simmering. I enjoyed reading about their journey to love as I felt I was there experiencing it first-hand.

Overall, I enjoyed reading
THE BOOKSHOP RESCUE. This book bought out all of my emotions. I was laughing, cheering and crying as I was reading this book. Ms. Alers is one of my favorite authors to read and I know that I’m going to get an amazing and heart-warming story. Make sure to grab a copy of THE BOOKSHOP RESCUE!

15th May 2022 |