Review: The Book of Luke: Earthquake
THE BOOK OF LUKE: Earthquake - Iris Bolling
The Gems & Gents Series (Book #11)
Siri Austin Entertainment
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: It’s finally here! The last book of The Gems & Gents Series that features Luke “Earthquake” Lassiter. Fans of the series have waited a long time to peep Earthquake’s story, and we are not disappointed. Luke is a professional football player where he is known as Earthquake. I must tell you that Luke, the football super star, is just one layer of this character. Luke is brilliant, as are all the Lassiter siblings. Luke has the highest regard for his family, and he takes their safety seriously. His brilliance comes through when his graduate thesis on Underground Transportation Systems afforded him the opportunity to develop that system for the government.

To show you how serious family is to Luke, he has a beautiful tat of his family tree covering his back.  This Lassiter family, headed by Joe and Sally Lassiter, are first and foremost all about family. Come for one; you must go through them all. Secondly, they make no apologies for their patriotism to this country. If the President, JD Harrison, an African American, calls, the Lassiters answer.

Luke is facing a couple of life-changing issues in this story. First, his love-life is non-existent. When he looks at his siblings and sees they are all booed-up, Luke feels some kind of way. Where is his soulmate? Well, she literally falls at his feet. Enter the brilliant, brash, and sexy Sasha Coles. She is perfect for Luke. Her backstory is intriguing as you will see, and she and Luke rescue each other from a loveless life. Those Luke-a-thons… Whew! You’ll get that when you read the story.

The main issue that takes this well-written story to another level is the paramount threat to the Lassiter family. There are multiple layers to this suspenseful story with romantic interludes. The threat to Luke’s family is the number one factor that sends Luke into action. He’s not by himself, however. When the going gets tough, the Lassiters mobilize, and that includes other family members and long-time friends. Did I forget to mention that Luke is a highly skilled fighter whose primary weapon of choice is the nunchaku? His highly trained fighting team of three (Leo, Slay and Tank) utilize blowguns, bow and arrows, and Ninjato swords, and they kick butt!

The minor characters do their part to help bring resolution to the threat aimed at the Lassiters.  LaVere’, Ty, Al, Ryan, Sly, Empress and Monique, to name a few, lend their expertise to the fight. That fight scene is epic! However, out of all the bad actors in this story, there is one who stands out with no redeeming qualities. No spoilers. I can not wait to see what happens to her in the next book,
AN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR. Meanwhile, Luke and Sasha’s HFN is wonderful until you read what comes after it. Sorry, no spoilers.

If you are not familiar with the multi-talented Iris Bolling’s books, you are really missing out on some great reads.
THE BOOK OF LUKE: EARTHQUAKE is action-packed, family-oriented, suspenseful and romantic. I loved it! It may be the end of The Gems and Gents Series, but not the end of the story.

1st April 2022 |