Review: Summoning Up Love
SUMMONING UP LOVE - Synithia Williams
Heart & Soul (Book #1)
Harlequin Special Edition
Shirley Fleming  |  Rating: A
REVIEW: After losing her job and fiancé on the same day, Vanessa Steele travels to her grandmother’s house to heal. When she arrives, she finds that her grandmother has enlisted three hunky ghosthunters, the Livingston brothers, to investigate her house for her late husband’s presence. Vanessa’s grandmother is convinced her dead husband is trying to tell her something, and she wants to know what that is. But Vanessa doesn’t believe in ghosts and thinks the trio is taking advantage of her grandmother, and she’s not having it. Dion Livingston and Vanessa butt heads, and sparks fly whenever they encounter each other. Realizing the attraction, Vanessa and Dion try to resist because they live in different cities. To prove that he and his brothers are not con artists, Dion invites Vanessa to go on one of their investigations, and their attraction overpowers them, and they spend the night together. They agree to have a fling until Vanessa leaves town. But, of course, the best-laid plans rarely end the way you would expect.

Dion is a good guy and the oldest of three brothers. When their parents passed away, Dion took on the responsibility of raising his younger brothers to keep them all together. He also sacrificed his college scholarship to get a job to be there for them. Vanessa comes to Sunshine Beach to visit her grandmother and regroup after losing her job and the man she thought would be her forever. But she is a good reporter and confident that she will find an even better job and someday find a man to build a future.

SUMMONING UP LOVE is an entertaining, engaging ghostly romance. The characters are well developed, likable, and relatable. The pacing is good with no slow down. Ms. William’s description of her characters is specific, making it easy to imagine their physical appearance. Also, I love the ghostly element in the story. The spooky goings-on at Grandma Arletha’s house adds credibility to the storyline. The dialogue between the two main characters is antagonistic at first due to the circumstances. But that quickly changes when they get to know each other. Dion and Vanessa are a perfect match. They fill each other's needs. Kudos to Ms. Williams for a great read.

SUMMONING UP LOVE is Book #1 in the Heart & Soul Series. It’s a delightful, simple read with no real drama. It also introduces the three Livingston brothers, who are ghost hunters. I enjoyed reading Dion and Vanessa’s story. I look forward to the next installment in this series. It promises to be a good one.

20th May 2022 |