Review: Secrets of the Heart
Clover Creek (Book #2)
Entangled Bliss
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: The Bennett-Davis family feud lies at the heart and soul of this engaging story that takes place in Clover Creek, Tennessee. Caught in the middle of this family feud are Kira Davis and Franklin Bennett. Kyra is the manager of the Red Rose Inn that has been in the Davis family for nearly a century. For five years, Kira has managed the inn after her aunt passed the baton to her. Kira loves managing the historic property, but when the story opens, she is facing a hiring dilemma. She needs to hire a temporary manager because the previous manager is taking personal leave to be with her family. Why is it such a dilemma? Well, the only person who responds to her inquiry is none other than Franklin Bennett, a member of the family that Kira’s family has been feuding with for over forty years. Can you say, Hatfields vs. McCoys?  Yes, fans, it’s just that serious! Two families living in the same town who have an intense dislike for each other because of a tragedy that happened in the past.

I’m not spilling any tea here. You must read this intriguing story for yourself. However, I will tell you that the feud between the Davis and Bennett family affects our heroine and hero. Franklin not only wants the managing position, but he also wants to get to know his boss, Kira, better. The feeling is mutual, but the feud between their families looms heavily over their heads and hearts. I enjoyed this couple as they worked together to improve the Red Rose Inn and upgrade its status to a first-class historic business. Regardless of the stares, the innuendos, and the pressure that came from family members and town denizens, Franklin and Kira persevered. Of course, they experience their dark moment, but love rules!

So, just what caused the feud? Oh, it’s a sad story. Consequently, there is a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication involved. The character who stands out is the deceased Sophia. You’ll get that when you read the story. The scene when the families finally confront each other about the tragedy that started the 40-year feud is epic and marks a wonderful HFN for Kira and Franklin.

SECRETS FROM THE HEART by Sean D. Young is a captivating story and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It’s all about family, forgiveness, and new beginnings. I enjoyed it, and I’m sure you will too.

11th April 2022 |