Review: Rivalry At Play
RIVALRY AT PLAY - Nadine Gonzalez
Texas Cattleman's Club: Ranchers and Rivals (Book #4)
Harlequin Desire
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Alexa Lattimore came home to Royal, Texas, to help her family with a legal matter. While attending a charity barbecue, she runs into her high school nemesis, Jackson Strom. They were competitive throughout high school, and Alexa always came out on top, which earned her the nickname “Alexandra the First.” Jackson had a crush on Alexa in high school that she wasn’t aware of. Today as an adult, Jackson realizes those feelings still exist. He wants to pursue a relationship, but Alexa doesn’t see the point since she will return to Florida as soon as her family business is concluded. Even though her intense attraction to Jackson is an unexpectant and pleasant surprise, Alexa intends to ignore it. But Jackson is not one to give up, especially regarding something he really wants. And he wants Alexandra.

Alexander is a top-notch attorney working for a law firm in Miami. She is also a loner who has become very skilled at hiding her insecurities. She is intelligent, very independent, and loyal to those she loves. Jackson is a shrewd, successful, determined entrepreneur. No matter how daunting the task, nothing can discourage him once he makes up his mind.

RIVALRY AT PLAY is a steamy rivals to lovers' romance. The author did a great job with the storyline. This is an entertaining story with engaging characters that are relatable and flawed and who must overcome their issues to find happiness. Alexa and Jackson have been competitive since high school. But their real issue is the chemistry that exists between them. They get closer, but the lack of trust threatens to destroy their growing relationship. I love the fact that Jackson is incredibly patient and loving with Alexa and refuses to let her slip away a second time. Wonderful second chance romance.

RIVALRY AT PLAY is an excellent addition to the Texas Cattleman’s Club: Ranchers and Rivals Series. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good story with a bit of drama mixed with a happily ever after

13th September 2022 |