Review: One Perfect Night
Temptation (Book #5)
Artistry Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: The Donovans are back! They are one of my favorite book families. If there’s a Donovan headlining, then you know you are getting a great story. ONE PERFECT NIGHT is no exception. Talented storyteller, A.C. Arthur steps up her game by uniting two dynamic book families, the Taylor’s of Temptation, Virginia and the Donovans. Gemma Taylor owns a popular hair salon in Washington, D.C., and she is one of six siblings who happen to be famous African American sextuplets, who enjoyed a successful run on their own TV reality show. Myles Donovan is a wealthy businessman who owns a lucrative properties development company.

This story picks up six months after we get a quick glimpse of their “friends-with-benefits” relationship in their novella,
SIX MORE MINUTES. I recommend that you check out the novella before you read ONE PERFECT NIGHT. I love the play on numbers, and you’ll get it when you read these two books.

There is an air of suspense and romance that permeates this story. First, both Myles and Gemma have issues. Their previous relationships with other people have left some deep scars that they have to live with. That’s not going to be easy, since those “other” people keep showing up. Myles and Gemma’s  relationship fueled by weekend get-always, meet ups at cozy, romantic bed and breakfast inns are wonderful, sexy, and fulfilling until they are not. Gemma wants more, but Myles likes things the way they are. He can not see himself with Gemma the way she desires and deserves. When they are together, believe me the sparks not only fly, but they ignite into fire. A.C. Arthur does not play when it comes to love scenes.

However, the storyline takes a turn to a suspenseful drama when Gemma’s hair salon business is vandalized. Myles immediately moves into action by enlisting his cousin, the one and only Trent Donovan, (
DEFYING DESIRE), a security specialist and the defender of the Donovan clan. Exposing the person responsible for the destruction of Gemma’s salon is a great whodunnit plot point that meshes quite well with the love struggles of our couple. No spoilers, my friends. However, I will say that both the hero and heroine are haunted by past lovers who just take it to the max. Great scenes! The storyline’s transition from romance to suspense back to romance is flawless! Kudos to Ms Arthur for an enthralling story.

I loved catching up with the Donovan clan and the Taylors who, by the way, are featured in
The Taylors of Temptation series. Both families lend support to the major players and contribute to the intrigue of the story. There is a “bad-to-the-bone” character who has no redeeming qualities, but I’ll allow you to discover who that person is. The Epilogue is epic!

I so enjoyed this story. A.C. Arthur does not hold back on romance or suspense. I recommend
ONE PERFECT NIGHT for your reading pleasure. You will not be disappointed.

10th March 2022 |