Review: One Night Expectations
Devereaux Inc. (Book #3)
Harlequin Desire
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: ONE NIGHT EXPECTATIONS is the latest offering in the Devereaux Inc. Series (Book #3) from author, LaQuette. Amara Devereaux Rodriquez finds out that she didn’t get the promotion to head Legal Counsel of the company, because her grandfather feels she’s not ready. Amara unwinds at an exclusive lounge to lick her wounds and figure out her next move, when a sexy man with golden brown skin, hazel eyes and full lips, interrupts her thoughts. He’s a perfect stranger, but he knows what she needs: one special night. Lennox Carlisle is a city council member who is running for mayor. He is passionate about revitalization of neighborhoods. He knows he made the wrong decision getting with “Angel”, but their brief, explosive encounter felt so right.

Amara’s grandfather finally starts focusing on what is important, spending time with his ailing brother, Ace, patriarch of the family. Amara is finally able to show her family she is worthy. Her first important task is negotiating with the city council on an important project and unfortunately, Councilman Carlisle and Devereaux, Inc. are on opposite sides when it comes to what is best for the community. It doesn’t help when Lennox realizes who Amara Angel Devereaux really is.

To complicate things even more, Lennox and Amara’s one night came with a little more than they bargained for. Let’s just say; when someone has a dream about fish, it’s time to start buying baby clothes! Lennox is supportive, however, he always has his negotiator hat on. He can go from thoughtfully planning a fairytale for Amara, to shrewd lawyer at the drop of a hat. He is also afraid to fall in love based on how his dad’s death impacted his mom. Overall, Lennox and Amara are trying to control narratives instead of listening to their hearts.

Family is an important theme of this series. Even in his weakening state, Ace always know what his family needs. He wants Amara to have someone who will love, support and protect her. Amara’s grandfather is trying to make her better, but doesn’t show it in the best way. Lennox is thankful for his best friend Carter who talks some sense into him when he needs it.

LaQuette continues to write about multi-layered men and full figured, confident women.
ONE NIGHT EXPECTATIONS is packed with plenty of heat, as well as positive family interactions, and I highly recommend it.

27th April 2022 |