Review: Mr. Right Next Door
MR. RIGHT NEXT DOOR - Niama Simone
Rose Bend (Book #5)
HQN Books

Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: After one mistake at age fifteen, Jenna Landon has spent her life aiming for perfection to please her controlling parents. Living under so much pressure has turned her into the kind of person the citizens of Rose Bend would rather avoid if possible. Even though she has grown up in Rose Bend, Jenna plans to leave and start over somewhere else. Ex-Professional wrestler, Isaac Hunter, returns home after his divorce to rebuild his life. He had no idea he was living next door to the town outcast. They butt heads at first, primarily due to Isaac playing loud music early in the morning. But Isaac looks underneath Jenna’s harsh façade and sees the vulnerable person inside. He makes it his mission to bring that person to the forefront. Jenna catches glimpses of Isaac’s pain and feels a kinship. Jenna and Isaac spend time together despite interference from outside forces to keep them apart. But, once they give into their mutual attraction, there is no stopping the inevitable.

Jenna presents herself as this prickly, self-absorbed princess when nothing can be further from the truth. Underneath the bitter exterior is a warm and beautiful person who desperately needs love. Isaac is an ex-professional wrestler and Rose Bend’s new assistant wrestling coach at the high school. He left his lavish lifestyle behind to come home to be with family and reinvent himself.

MR. RIGHT NEXT DOOR is another excellent read by Ms. Simon. Her complex, well-defined characters come alive on the pages. Jenna and Isaac are in so much turmoil until you hurt for them. This heart-tugger takes you through the highs and lows of Jenna and Isaac's struggles. As the book progresses, you find the reasoning behind Jenna’s mean-girl persona. Her parents are the worst. Children should be loved and cherished. With Isaac’s help, Jenna breaks the chains of her parents' verbal abuse. Next, with Jenna’s prompting, Issac realizes the demise of his marriage was not his fault, and he needs to forgive himself and move past the guilt. Finally, Monster and Malibu, their names for each other, come together and get the happily ever after they deserve.

is an engaging, thought-provoking, redemptive, must-read romance because mean girl Jenna was indeed redeemed in my eyes. The lively and sometimes sarcastic banter between Jenna and Isaac will keep you entertained for hours

24th February 2023 |