Review: Monica
MONICA - Delaney Diamond
Family Ties (Book #2)
Garden Avenue Press
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: MONICA by Delaney Diamond is the continuation of the Family Ties Series. Monica Connor is a social media influencer. Between promoting brands and investments, she does well. Andre Campos works for his future father-in-law’s company, Chamber enterprises. He worked his way up the company and is now a silent partner.

Nine years ago, Monica and Andre were college sweethearts. They thought forever together would never be enough. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Andre made the ultimate sacrifice for Monica, which ended his college career and ultimately their relationship. Since then, she has sworn off relationships, casual only. She has entered into a contract to promote Chamber enterprises’ new restaurant, and Andre is running point. His breathing temporarily halts when he sees Monica’s pretty chestnut eyes and high cheekbones. When they shake hands, it sends a bolt of energy through them. I love the description of Andre; with his brooding and constant assessing that transforms when he smiles. The reference to Denzel Washington’s walk tells me everything I need to know about his swag.

The pages of the book sizzle each time Monica and Andre are working on the project together. Her body remembers the intimacy they shared. She was his sunshine and when the term of endearment rolls off his tongue so easily, he knows he is in trouble. Feelings come rushing back with a passion-filled kiss. The description of this scene, and each physical scene, is a build-up of what’s to come. These two are just hot together. Beyond that, Ms. Diamond uses the perfect words to let the reader know how special their connection is. It’s transcending and Monica feels emotionally complete. Ms. Diamond also captures the raw honesty of two people who still have feelings for each other, but in the moment know, there’s no path forward without losing everything.

There are conflicts and unexpected twists that keep things interesting. People show their true colors, which confirms Andre’s decision about a situation. For Monica, it’s almost too late when she realizes there is a serious issue within her inner circle. Side characters round out the story. The situation between Monica’s mom and stepfather continues and the reader is rooting for them. The loyalty of Andre to his mom and her predicament is unmatched. Andre’s relationship with his cousin Phineas is at times hilarious, but also real. I love the second chance romance with this sexy couple, and I highly recommend it.

5th September 2022 |