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MAKE THEM CONFESS - Sherelle Green
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REVIEW: I saw the word “them” in the title of USA Today bestselling author, Sherelle Green’s latest Naughty Season Book, and was intrigued. Navy Amery is meeting her friends over the holidays for an impromptu divorce party after finally ending her twenty year marriage. She realized by year five that she was in love with the idea of her ex., but it took years for her to break free. While traveling to Chicago, Navy makes a wrong turn and ends up stranded in a snow storm in Summerland, Michigan. Greek Gawds, Inc. is the only business with the lights on.

Navy crashes into Elias Hood when she gets to the door. Hood is a name readers know well! Navy’s hand fits perfectly in Elias’s. He has a commanding voice, tattoos, light eyes and a tall frame. She feels his sexy vibe. Diesel, Knox, Wade and Stryker are also in the shop. Navy describes them by her favorite chocolate bars and can’t help being attracted to each one. Navy realizes she met Elias in Chicago ten years prior. He has wanted her all those years ago, but, at the time, she was married. She’s also ten years older than him. Elias can’t believe the woman he’s thought about since that time is in his shop. In addition to owning the tattoo and auto shops, Elias volunteered to help people in town during the storm. Navy opts to stay with the guys so Elias would have to wait a little longer to claim her.

Ms. Green crafts a unique story and her heroine is ready for anything. Navy and Diesel connect over a love of books and Knox makes her laugh. She finds herself between the Romance and Fantasy aisles of the book store next door and a fantasy is exactly what she gets. Caribbean born Stryker is mysterious and clean cut. He pierces Navy with his eyes, which are a “bottomless pit of intense pleasure”. He brings out feelings she doesn’t realize she has. Wade is from Cranberry Heights, Arkansas. He’s a familiar name from the Madden series. He’s a caregiver at heart and “gets” Navy. Their time together is emotionally fulfilling.

Navy didn’t expect it, but these experiences were exactly what she needed. Ultimately, Elias is her dream man and he lets everyone know their time has come. Navy learns how to forgive herself, how to laugh again, how to reconnect spiritually and encourage herself. Most importantly, she learned to love again. Ms. Green goes deeper creatively for
MAKE THEM CONFESS. This book may not be for everyone, but I highly recommend it.

16th January 2022 |