Review: Jessie's Girl
JESSIE'S GIRL - Niama Simone
The Trapper Keeper Diaries (Book #1)
Oliver Heber Books
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW:  Asa Hunt has been in love with India Roberts, his best friend, Jessie Reynolds's girlfriend, for years. Asa has kept his distance because his feelings for India is a secret only he knows. All that changed one night when India arrived at his home upset and broken because she has learned of Jessie’s infidelity. Asa holds her and comforts her the best that he can. His comforting turns into a long heated kiss, and his body reacts to her closeness. Asa feels guilty for touching her and pushes her away, to India’s disappointment. Once that Jeannie is out of the bottle, Asa and India cannot put it back. They continue to see each behind closed doors. When Jessie finds out by accident, he’s angry and accuses Asa and India of going behind his back. India believes she will lose Asa because he has always chosen his friendship with Jessie over her in the past. But not this time. Asa clarifies to Jessie that he will no longer deny his feelings for India.

Asa is a recent family man and mechanic who has been running his own business since an injury ended his football career in college. Since his sister’s death, he has been the legal guardian of his niece. Asa loves his niece, but his life is not complete. India is an assistant principal at a local elementary school where Asa’s niece attends. She has spent the last two years trying to put her life back together after it exploded. Jessie is a professional football player who had to retire due to a recent injury. He had the love of a good woman-a loyal woman who would have done anything for him. But unfortunately, Jessie is one of those people who wants to have his cake and eat it.

is a fantastic read. Ms. Simone outdoes herself with this emotional roller coaster ride. It involves a triangle; two best friends and one beautiful girl. One guy loves her in secret, and the other claims to love her, but he betrays her repeatedly. The three main characters are complicated yet likable. The pacing is on the spot and flows swimmingly. This story has it all. Love, secrets, deceit, regret, and betrayal are just a few.  Finally, everything comes to a head. Asa, India, and Jessie are trying to place blame and make sense of the whole thing. But in this situation, someone has to win, and someone has to lose.

Ms. Simone kept me glued to this story.
JESSIE’S GIRL is an expressive read. The pain is evident in the characters' voices and behavior. That being said, it is enjoyable and entertaining, especially with little Rose. I recommend it to others.

24th May 2022 |