Review: It's Not The Hookup, It's The Chase
Young in Love (Book #3)
Elle Writes Books
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: The fun Young Family Series continues with IT’S NOT THE HOOKUP, IT’S THE CHASE. Dexter Young has been close to his best friend’s sister, Charlye, since they were kids. He’s a relationship expert and therapist, an author and Charlye’s ultimate wingman. He’s been “friend zoned” for years. Charlye Burke is a master electrician, and a beautiful woman inside and out. Unfortunately, she grew up in a family thinking she wasn’t good enough and unsure of herself. Dex has always been there for her, re-assuring and lifting her up.

An awkward kiss back in high school has never been addressed. Every time Dex tries to tell Charlye how he feels, she avoids it. Despite her insecurities, Dex thinks she is perfect. He knows he can show her better than he can tell her that they are right for each other.

Charlye’s brother’s wedding brings the Young and Burke families together. Dex saves the day from a potential disaster and this, along with other things, including his flirting, causes Charlye and Dex’s relationship to shift. Charlye refers to Dex as fine: he’s extremely handsome with brown skin, light eyes and a lean frame. Charlye’s conversation with her sister Elise at the reception is hilarious. Elise encourages her to have some fun and all roads point to Dex.  One thing led to another and Charlye didn’t know what hit her; the first, second or third time! Though Dex is everything Charlye wants in a man, there are so many things to consider: Is it the right time? Can long distance work? It’s interesting how Dex looks at things through the professional lens of being a therapist, in evaluating the situation.

There is a touching part of the story about an ill family member and how the Young’s come together to support the Burke family during a time of grief. You can tell a lot about people if they show up for you when you need them the most. Dex is so thoughtful and sweet! He is one of those heroes that make you swoon. The Young family is still at it with their hilarious interactions, especially the text chats. Mrs. Young is a reminder that no matter how old you are it’s wonderful to get words of affirmation from your parents. It’s also great to get introduced to the Burke’s crew.

There is a perfect tee up, potentially to the next book in the series. It’s Not The Hookup, It’s The Chase.” That may be true, but for Charlye and Dex, it’s forever. This is a delightful read, and I highly recommend it.

15th May 2022 |