Review: In The Ring With The Maverick
Montana Mavericks: Brothers & Broncos (Book #2)

Harlequin Special Edition
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: We are back in Bronco, Montana, and in this delightful story, talented storyteller, Kathy Douglass, features Jack Burris, successful rodeo rider, along with his younger brothers, Mike and Ross. They have come home to Bronco to participate in the Bronco Summer Family Rodeo. Jack, Mike and Ross are the brothers of Geoff Burris (A KISS AT THE MISTLETOE RODEO) who is one of the biggest rodeo stars in the sport. Also, in Bronco for the rodeo are the Hawkins Sisters, Audrey, Brynn, Corinne, and Remi. They are third generation rodeo queens.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories that have featured African American rodeo stars. I’ve learned a lot about this sport due to the spot-on research by Ms. Douglass. Kudos! Now, to add to the mix, she introduces the “queens” who also display their athletic prowess in this growing sport. Audrey Hawkins is the sister who is featured in the story as “the one” for Jack.  However, Audrey and Jack’s initial meeting does not end on a good note. There is a difference of opinion between these two as to the role of women in rodeo. It’s a meet-cute gone wrong. You’ll understand when you read the story.

Through a promotional publicity campaign for the event, the Burris brothers and the Hawkins sisters find themselves the “faces” of the rodeo. As fate would have it, Jack and Audrey become the number one drawing card to hype the rodeo through a series of promotional shots that clearly show the attraction that they have for each other. The camera does not lie. The Family Rodeo event ultimately becomes a battle-of-the sexes that pits the Burris brothers vs. the Hawkins sisters. The descriptions of the rodeo competitions are on-point. I have now added a Rodeo to my bucket list of events to attend.

The competition poses a problem for our couple who can’t quite see themselves as a forever couple. The side characters, mainly the brothers and sisters, lend support and advice to the hero and heroine, whether they are solicited or unsolicited. Winona Cobbs’ character appears again in this story and helps Jack have a “come-to-Jesus-moment” about his chauvinistic beliefs about women and rodeo, and his true feelings concerning Audrey. (Winona first appeared in
A KISS AT MISTLETOE RODEO.) Audrey and Jack’s HFN is sweet, but there’s a bit of mystery that surrounds it. So, beware. The story ends with a cliff hanger.

is part of a continuity series-Montana Mavericks: Brothers & Broncos. However, it works well as a stand-alone. I recommend it for your summer reading pleasure. Enjoy!

22nd July 2022 |