Review: In Search Of A Prince
Bethany House Publishers
Diertra Thomas (A)


REVIEW: Brielle Bayo is a twenty-something eighth grade Civics teacher living in New York and can’t wait to enjoy her summer with her mother and best friend. She never expects to find out that, not only was her deceased father a Prince, but she too is a Princess of a small country in West Africa. To make matters worse her grandfather, the King of Oloro, is ill and time is not his side. What is one to do when you are faced with all this news and on top of that you need to find a prince to carry out the wishes of your grandfather?

I couldn’t help but run to my computer when I was done with
IN SEARCH OF A PRINCE by Toni Shiloh. Let me tell you; Ms. Shiloh, does an outstanding job with this book. I loved everything about it, from the storytelling, the details, and the history. Most of the characters in this book are amazing. The fact that the book is set in a small fictional place in West Africa is just one of the many amazing things that blew me away. I must admit that I did not, at first, think I was going to connect with this story, but I fell in love with the character development, the plot and how Ms. Shiloh made the book feel like real life. The icing on the cake was that she made sure sure that faith was open and honest.

I fell in love with the heroine, Brielle Bayo, as soon as I started reading about her. I loved that she wanted to share this whole new adventure with her best friend and how she had a real friend that was there for her and that she wanted to see her best friend succeed and vice versa. Between the way, she was raised by her single mother and her faith, she was destined for great things. Tomori Esesolua was not a surprise for me, but I like how he is sprinkled in throughout his book to be the possible love interest for Brielle.

IN SEARCH OF A PRINCE brought up all kinds of topics and feelings that should be talked about more often. Ms. Shiloh did a great job at creating drama, surprising me, and making me cry and swoon. I even laughed. I know I will be talking about this book to all my book lovers.

1st March 2022 |
Award of Merit