Review: His Royal Highness
HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS - Stephanie Nicole Norris
The Royal House of Kéra Asnela (Book #2)
Love is a Drug Ink
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: USA Today Bestselling Author, Stephanie Nicole Norris, transports her readers of this new series to the continent of East Africa, the country of Kera Asnela, and the city of Watima. We are introduced to the Winthrope Royal family: King Isaac, Crown Prince Remington, Prince Omari, Princess Cadence, and her twin, Princess Cadena, who also wears the title of  Advisor to the King. This captivating story features Princess Cadena and her Royal guard, Gemini.

I love this story for a number of reasons. First, the setting is in Africa which gives the story a different cultural vibe. The Winthropes are royalty; they rule, which lends itself to a distinct lifestyle. Cadena is next in line to be queen, a title that she is not enthusiastic about. It’s less about tradition, but more about the special “gift” that Cadena is blessed with. I’ll allow you to discover her gift when you read the story. Since Cadena is next in line to be Queen, it is important that she should have a King by her side. Well, my reader fans, that’s where things get interesting. Enter, Gemini, a highly skilled fighting machine who guards Cadena with his life. And yes… a love connection has developed between Cadena and Gemini that both are hesitant to recognize. How would that look if the Princess falls for her Royal guard? I’m here to tell you that it looks mighty good!

When Cadena and Gemini finally acknowledge their feelings for each other, it’s epic! Nobody writes love scenes like this author. However, before you get all excited, the proverbial fly-in-the-ointment shows up in the form of Prince Mandla, of the Royals of Myriad, and a hideous human being. With his arrival comes demands, and those demands lead to a disastrous outcome. I’ll leave that right here. No spoilers, However, I will say prepare yourself for some impressive fight scenes.

The Royals of Kera Asnela are connected to the Valentine and Rose clans, two illustrious families of previous series. Not familiar? I highly recommend that you check out those two enjoyable series. In the meantime, for Cadena and Gemini, the HEA is wonderful.

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS is an entertaining and engaging story. It’s loaded with drama, romance and intrigue. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

21st April 2022 |