Review: His Royal Desire
HIS ROYAL DESIRE - Stephanie Nicole Norris
The Royals Of Kéra Asnela (Book #1)
Love Is A Drug Ink
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Yes! I’m loving this new series about the Royals of Kéra Asnela! Talented author, Stephanie Nicole Norris takes her readers beyond the borders of the United States, and transports us to Watima, Kera Asnela, the Royal residence of the Winthropes. This story introduces Prince Omari Winthrope and Ayanna Jenkins. Prince Omari resides at his royal palace compound in Chicago, Illinois. When the story opens, Omari and Julian Rose (ONLY IF YOU DARE) of the celebrated Rose family are engaged in a very intriguing conversation that triggers the engaging storyline. It’s a great take on the fairytale, Cinderella.

The meet-cute that introduces Ayanna to Omari is perfect. After that scene, you just know that Ayanna and Omari will meet again. Indeed, they do meet again, in a way which Ayanna would have never imagined. Ayanna, the operator of a fledging event-planning business, is afforded the opportunity to help plan the event of the year, a ball that will aid Omari in finding his Cinderella. Along with Ayanna helping with the planning, are the Valentines and the Roses. I love how Ms Norris inserts members of those two dynamic families into this story. (Side note: If you are not familiar with the
In The Heart of a Valentine and Falling For a Rose Series, I highly recommend them.) Without giving away too much, I will say, that Prince Omari’s ball is a success, and he finds his Cinderella, but that’s not the end of the story by a long shot.

The storyline is fast-paced, action-packed, and wonderfully romantic. Our couple has a lot to work-out being that Ayanna has to become acquainted with the lifestyle of royalty when she travels to Watima with Omari. Being chauffeured, flying in private jets, living in luxurious quarters, escorted by an elite security guard can all be very intimidating for a girl from the Chi. There’s also an old nemesis that threatens the royals and sends all of them into fighting mode. I can’t omit the E.A., Elite Alliance. You’ll get that when you read the story.

I love the part the Roses and Valentines play as supportive secondary characters. The Winthropes and Ayanna’s friends and family also play important roles as they stand behind our hero and heroine and support them in their love journey. At the other end of the spectrum are terrorists and old enemies who seek to destroy the Royal family. Don’t let the “Royal life” fool you. The Winthropes are a force to reckon with. However, love wins, and the HEA is proof.

I enjoyed this story, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. Stephanie Nicole Norris is an excellent storyteller, and
HIS ROYAL DESIRE is proof of that. It’s an engaging and entertaining read that you should add to your summer reading list. You won’t be disappointed.

23rd June 2022 |