Review: His Main Attraction
HIS MAIN ATTRACTION - Stephanie Nicole Norris
The Clarks of Northshire Bend (Book #1)
Love is a Drug Ink
Brenda Larnell | Rating: A
REVIEW: If you recall, we met the hero of this story in THE CLARKS OF NORTHSHIRE BEND - A Prelude along with his three brothers. Malik Anthony Clark is the first brother featured in this new series by the talented storyteller, Stephanie Nicole Norris. Malik, a CIA Operative, is dangerous and delicious. When the story opens, he is in his hometown of Chicago taking a much-needed break from his perilous duties as an operative. While trying to catch a set of his favorite group, Genesis Rising, or should I say his favorite lead singer, Tina Braddon, his night is interrupted by an unexpected announcement by his father, Fredrick that is aired publicly. Not only in his night with Tina ruined, but also his relationship with his father. That is one of the underlying plot points of this story. Even though Fredrick and Cynthia (mother of the Clark brothers) are divorced, Fredrick’s announcement causes a rift between him and his sons. Just wait for the unexpected bombshell that Cynthia is going to drop on her son and ex-husband. Game. Set. Match!

In the meantime, Malik woos the lovely Tina with flowers, romantic dinners, and a once-in-a lifetime trip to the island of Fiji. Nobody writes sex scenes like Stephanie Nicole Norris. Get your fan and a nice cool drink because you are going to need them. The chapter that describes the Lovo Feast is outstanding! After that trip, Malik and Tina, aka Beau, are officially a couple.

It’s back to the real world when Malik and Tina return to Chicago, and it gets real, real when Malik receives a call from one of the militants he encountered on his last mission. There’s a lot of action that brings in the FBI forcing Malik to reveal his CIA ties to Tina and her fellow singers of Genesis Rising. Tina is shooketh! Malik is then summoned to the site of his previous undercover mission in Afghanistan. Can you say, “suspense-filled tension”? Whew! Just wait until you read who fired the shots that saved Malik’s life. Remember this name: Elite Alliance. That’s all I’m going to say about that!

Malik’s brothers, Tristan, Langston, and Derek (HER NAUGHTY SUITOR), mother, Cynthia, and members of Genesis Rising, Lisa and Chelsea, compose the side characters who support our hero and heroine. In contrast, bad actors like the Afghan militants are the source of much havoc. Kudos to Ms Norris for the impressive usage of the Pashto language, one of two official languages of Afghanistan. The reunion between Malik and Tina is epic! It’s back to Fiji, and an HEA that dreams are made of.

I recommend
HIS MAIN ATTRACTION for your reading pleasure. It’s romantic, sexy, intense, and a wonderful first book to kick off the Clarks of Northshire Bend. I look forward to reading more about the remaining Clark men in the stories to follow. Move over Valentines and Roses. The Clarks have arrived!

19th January 2022 |