Review: Her Hometown Hero
HER HOMETOWN HERO - Jacquelin Thomas
Poke Island (Book #2)
Harlequin Heartwarming
Jennifer Copeland (A)
REVIEW: HER HOMETOWN HERO by best-selling author Jacquelin Thomas is an amazing and sweet read. This is Book #2 in her Polk Island Series. In this installment, we are following the romance of Trey Rothchild and Gia Harris. Trey is a Marine and was wounded overseas and now has come back to Polk Island to heal and come to grips with his injuries as well as to grieve the loss of his fellow soldiers that died. Gia, who is a physical therapist, has moved back to Polk Island from Charlotte, North Carolina, after something happens, and she has to start over.

Gia and Trey see each other again for the first when the community welcomes him home from the hospital. Even with everything that has happened to Trey, Gia finds him attractive. Trey used to have a crush on Gia in high school and now that he has seen her again, he still thinks that she is beautiful. Trey is refusing to do physical therapy so that he can walk again. After Gia gave Trey some tips to control the phantom pains that he has been feeling, he finally decides to let Gia be his physical therapist. Trey and Gia’s friendship blossoms   the more time they spend together during physical therapy. Will Gia be able to help Trey? Will the pair discover that they have feeling for one another? You will have to read
HER HOMETOWN HERO to find out!

What I love about this book was the storyline and how it moved so seamlessly. I felt like I was in Polk Island following Trey and Gia’s journey to love. Another reason why I love
HER HOMETOWN HERO was the fact that Mrs. Thomas touches on some issues that military veterans go through after serving and getting hurt. This book had me all in my emotions as I felt for Trey so badly.  Mrs. Thomas wrote this book in a way that it was uplifting. and it brought me so much joy. The romance in this book is sweet and romantic. It was so good seeing the updates from the characters from the previous book in the series, A FAMILY FOR THE FIREFIGHTER.

Overall, I enjoyed reading
HER HOMETOWN HERO by best-selling author Jacquelin Thomas. I branched out to read a clean and sweet romance this year and Mrs. Thomas didn’t disappoint me at all. Make sure to grab your copy of this beautifully written romance.

22nd February 2022 |