Review: Her Best Friend's Brother
Six Gems (Book #1)
Harlequin Desire
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: Wynter Barrington is a travel blogger who is in her hometown for her aunt’s funeral. She was much closer to her aunt than her parents and was recently cut off financially by her father. Riley Davis is Wynter’s best friend’s older brother. He’s a successful lawyer who recently moved back to his hometown of San Antonio to become a partner in a successful law firm. Over the years, he has struggled to form lasting relationships after seeing the negative impact his parents’ divorce had on his mother.

One evening Riley takes a stroll on the famous River Walk and one woman in particular catches his eye: Wynter. Riley is lusting after his little sister’s best friend before he knows what hit him. He could get lost in her light brown eyes for hours. Wynter has always had a crush on Riley. She thinks he is a fine specimen of a man with a commanding presence. She was infatuated with him growing up, but he is forbidden fruit. Riley provides welcomed support as Wynter mourns her aunt. They explore their attraction for each other, and a steamy kiss leaves them both off kilter. Wynter finds it hard to think straight when they are alone. Going in, Wynter and Riley aren’t interested in a relationship, but their chemistry is explosive.

Ms. St. John incorporates family drama, as Wynter’s parents disagree with how Wynter’s aunt decided to handle her affairs. In the midst of this, the reader learns that Wynter and Riley have a lot in common. They realize they keep family at a distance: Riley’s mom could be draining and Wynter never really felt a part of her family. Ms. St. John explores how divorce impacts kids into adulthood. Riley’s growing feelings for Wynter leads him to address his issues. Over time, they realize they are each other’s safe space.

I loved Wynter’s friend group; the “six gems”, and look forward to learning more about them. This was an enjoyable start to a new series. I highly recommend

28th March 2023 |