Review: Grown Folk Confessions
Naughty Season (Book #1)
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Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: USA Today best-selling author, Sherelle Green, starts her new series, Naughty Season, in the Black Lush Empire off with a bang. Fans of the Social Experiment series have been waiting for this story. Ares Hood and Layla Payne have known each other since they were kids. It’s no secret that Ares has always had a crush on her. She didn’t have the best childhood and Ares was there for her when others weren’t. The Hood brothers and cousins have Greek names, based on legends of their past. Only Ms. Green could create the Naughty holidays they celebrate, which fit their bad boy persona.

GROWN FOLKS CONFESSIONS is organized based on time periods in Layla and Ares lives and kicks off with high school years. Layla has a request for Ares that literally almost shocks him to death. What they shared was special. They go on with their “adult-ish” and “grown folks” lives. Ares is a successful tattoo artist (a sexy one too) and Layla is an interior designer. They’ve remained affected by each other. Ares even designed a tattoo for Layla and will do anything for her, proving that when he agreed to help with something that was critical to her success. They unknowingly seal the deal.

High school was one thing. It was another thing when Ares and Layla got together as adults. They shared hot, passion filled encounters over the years. After each time, they wonder why it’s been so long. Layla dared anyone to look at Ares and not be distracted the rest of the day. They fit like hand and glove, but were a train wreck when it related to everything else; either engaging in some type of back and forth or close to ripping each other’s clothes off. Ares could really see himself with Layla, but either, she didn’t take him seriously or the timing was off. Finally, I thought they figured it out… until the other shoe dropped, and I wondered if their time would ever come.

Ms. Green effortlessly weaves together this unconventional love story, while introducing fans to the Hood family. She also gives updates on characters that we’ve come to know. Bravo to the “Grown Folks Confessions” that kick off each chapter.  I really liked Chapter 11: “…you figure out who is worthy of penetrating your soul and who needs to get thrown out with the trash.” I highly recommend
GROWN FOLK CONFESSIONS and look forward to what’s next.

12th September 2022 |