Review: Ethan
ETHAN - Delaney Diamond
Family Ties (Book #1)
Garden Avenue Press
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: ETHAN is book one is Ms. Diamond’s new series, Family Ties. Ethan Connor has a multi-billion dollar real estate enterprise. Fans of Ms. Diamond’s work will remember Ethan as Layla Fleming’s boss in the Quicksand Series book, WHAT SHE DESERVES. His love for his long-time partner, Skye Thorpe, is evident in the way he reacts to her when she is in his presence. He adores her and she is a calming force in his life. Skye experienced an unimaginable loss as a teenager. When she met Ethan seven years ago, she thought he was tall, dark and handsome; however, a relationship was the last thing on her mind. Now, she loves Ethan and longs to marry him and have a family of her own. However, Ethan went through a bitter divorce years ago and has no intent to remarry.

During a family event, Skye realizes that marriage may not be in her future with Ethan. Some of his relatives already think the pair are married because she is a treasured member of the family. Ethan and Skye realize they are not on the same page and I was surprised by this lack of communication. Their physical chemistry has been off the charts since day one and they have shared many intimate moments over the years. Skye starts feeling like the grass may be greener on the other side and Ethan doesn’t get why his commitment isn’t enough.

As the story plays out, Ms. Diamond includes a memorable scene when Ethan basically shows Skye what she is missing. No matter what Skye thinks, he is not letting her go. It is interesting to see how Ethan treats the situation like a business deal that he is trying to close.  Originally, I thought Ethan was being stubborn, but I realized he was still impacted by his messy divorce.

There is an interesting side story with Ethan’s Mom and Stepfather, who has been a positive influence in his life and put him on the trajectory to be successful. Their “Brady Bunch” family has remained tight knit over the years. Skye and her dear friend share a passion for helping kids and work at a community center together.
ETHAN, is a great start to this new series, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

22nd February 2022 |