Review: Destiny Fulfilled
The DuBois-Arazi Family Novel (Book #2)
KevStel Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Talented author, Unoma Nwankwor, reunites her readers with the DuBois-Arazi family in a beautifully written story that highlights the leader of the DuBois-Arazi family, Mustafa DuBois-Arazi, and his soul-mate, Zaina Bakari. The setting for the story is the beautiful fictional town of Tweeds Kans Cove (Second Chance) in the northern part of Africa. That’s one reason I love Ms Unoma’s stories so much. The settings are always connected to Africa, and the stories are dotted with African phrases, culture and food. In this story, because the setting is Northern Africa, Arabic is the dominant language.

As I mentioned earlier, Tweede Con means second chance in Afrikaans. That’s exactly what the head of the DuBois-Arazi family, Mustafa, and the independent Zaina are seeking. It’s not only a second chance at love but also a second chance to overcome some troubling family history. I love the fact that Zaina is the yin to Mustafa’s yang. That’s not an easy thing as you will discover. Mustafa is very much an Alpha male. Their love journey is complicated and sidetracked by Mustafa holding himself and everyone around him to a high standard of loyalty and trust while all the time he has issues that threaten to destroy him if he does not honestly deal with them. Zaina is that person who encourages him to not brush off his anger and anxiety, but to seek counseling. Mustafa’s breakthrough comes when he and Zaina travel to the proverbial (but real) scene of the crime. What a strong and emotional scene! Zaina has her issues also, and I like how the author depicts her dealing with her family. Ms Nwankwor does a masterful job of weaving scripture into the storyline without being preachy or religious. It’s a heartwarming love story mixed with faith, love and family with a pinch of African spice.

The side characters are mainly composed of the family members of both Mustafa and Zaina. I enjoyed catching up with Mustafa’s sister, Yasmine, and her husband, Kojo “Keyz” Sarbah, from
A PROMISE FULFILLED, the first book of this series. The addition of a glossary of French/Arabic/Swahili translations is very helpful. Check out the eclectic Mood Music playlist for the story on the author’s website, The Epilogue houses a fulfilling HEA.

is an engaging second chance love story that will sweep you off to Africa, surround you with amazing scenery and immerse you in the culture. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

10th March 2022 |