Review: Colton's Secret Sabotage
COLTON'S SECRET SABOTAGE - Deborah Fletcher Mello
The Coltons of Colorado (Book #7)
Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Brenda Larnell (B+)
REVIEW: Book #7 of The Coltons of Colorado features Detective Philip Rees of the Boulder, Colorado Police Department and Naomi Colton, one of twelve children in the Colton family. While I have not read any of the other books in this continuity series, the author, the very talented Ms. Mello, provides the reader with valuable background information to acquaint you with the Colton family. I like the two main characters. Although their ethnicities, family backgrounds, and career choices are totally different, as a couple, the chemistry and attraction are off the chart, and they are in perfect sync.

When the story opens, Naomi has finally worked her way up in the television hierarchy as an executive producer of a TV reality show. She will be large and in charge. What is more, she will be filming the show on her siblings’ property, Gemini Ranch.
In the Saddle, the title of the show, will utilize the various aspects of ranch life, from riding horses to eliminating the contestants to see who’s the last man/woman standing. So, where does Detective Rees fit into this scenario? Well, it seems that something shady is afoot, and our detective is going undercover to flush it out. Sorry, you must read the story for the details and the tea.

While the contestants are vying to be the last one “in the saddle”, there is a lot of mayhem going on that puts the contestants and crew members’ lives in danger. It also poses a threat to shut the whole production down. During this time, Naomi and our undercover hero, Philip become “involved”. They can no longer deny the chemistry and the attraction. They have to be discreet, and at some point, Philip must tell Naomi who he is, and the real reason he is on set.

The side characters are comprised of members of the Colton family, and the cast and crew of the
In the Saddle production. The storyline has a couple of sabotage plots. One involves a member of the crew who is ultimately responsible for contestants dropping out of the competition. The second one, which is supposed to be a big deal, is a little murky, and things escalate rather quickly toward the end of the story. The bad actors and villains abound in this story, whether they ride in on horseback or fly in big jets. You’ll get that when you read the story. I’m not sure who the Russian speaking rogues are. Their part in all this is a little unclear, a little rushed, and they remain a bit of a mystery, still. However, there is no mystery as far as Naomi and Phillip are concerned. Their HFN is a winner.

I enjoyed
COLTONS SECRET SABOTAGE. Although it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

26th July 2022 |