Review: Claiming Keaton's Sanctuary
The Crowne Legacy
Independently Published
Cheryl McNeil (A+)
REVIEW: USA Today best-selling author, Sherelle Green, is back with her latest book in the Crowne Family series. I found out right away that there is more to Keaton Crowne than meets the eye! We know Keaton is the family lawyer and spends most of her time on the right side of the law. Ms. Green describes her as a beast in the courtroom and vixen in the bedroom. She is also the mastermind behind Black Lush Entertainment, which is a conglomerate of different companies and partnerships. She volunteered to be the first participant in her new program. It’s similar to a love at first sight concept, but more sensual, intimate and with no inhibitions.

We’ve heard a lot about Voshon Carrington throughout the series. His skin is like hot chocolate, he has a basketball build and full, kissable lips. He’s downright sexy. Unfortunately, his last couple of relationships have ended publicly. He may have finally found his person for life, strictly based on personality match, strong sexual chemistry and passion.

Voshon and Keaton are not supposed to like, let alone love and trust, each other. However, Voshon has always admired Keaton from a far. Now that they’ve gotten involved, their bodies are physically drawn to each other and they have no problem communicating without words. Keaton’s heart beats in excitement the first time she sees him after they have been intimate. There is one scene where Voshon kisses Keaton like he would never get another chance. He’s come to realize their souls were connected before they knew it.

There are touching family moments and relationships that are repaired, like Voshon and Saint, and others that may be broken for good. We learn more about the Crownes and how they built their empire in each book. In contrast,
CLAIMING KEATON’S SANCTUARY gives us the opportunity to learn about the Carrington’s rich history for the first time. The families also have a common cause in tracking missing women. The chapter intros, courtesy of Duchess, were written perfectly.

I would never have expected a Crowne with a Carrington! Ms. Green pulls it off in a unique way and effortlessly writes the story of Keaton and Voshon’s journey as a couple, in parallel with the gritty story related to the Crownes. There is an issue that has been brewing in the series and finally boils over in a shocking way. I have questions and can’t wait for the next book. Ms. Green also includes an optional bonus scene that will have reader’s mouths hanging open. I highly
recommend CLAIMING KEATON’S SANCTUARY, which has earned the Award of Merit.

18th April 2022 |