Review: Casino Heat
CASINO HEAT - Sharon C. Cooper
Reunited Series (Book #5)

Amaris Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: If you are looking for a great romantic suspense story, then allow me to recommend CASINO HEAT by the Empress of Romantic Suspense, Sharon C. Cooper. From the Opening Prologue to the closing Epilogue, this story is a page-turner. Ms. Cooper does an excellent job in weaving second chance love, suspense and mayhem together to produce an unforgettable story.

The opening words of the first chapter, “He’s dead”; followed by “He’s dead….and I’m free.” will pull you right in. They are spoken by the heroine, Viviana Connelly. Viviana is free of a seven-year marriage that was like a prison sentence. She is the innocent victim who was blackmailed by an unscrupulous man with the help of a petty and greedy woman. That’s all I got. You will have to read the story to get the details of this unholy alliance that held Viviana prisoner in a loveless marriage. While Viviana is trying to come to grips with her new-found status, we are introduced to Hunter Graham, the second party affected by “the marriage from hell”, and the love of Viviana’s life. Hunter is also the step-brother of Thomas Reagan, the ruthless man who literally stole Viviana from Hunter. Crazy, huh? Just wait until you read the backstory.

I like Hunter who is a flawed character. He’s a popular pro basketball player who has a gambling problem. That gambling habit is a catalyst for the mayhem that affects those who are close to him, like Viviana, and leaves room for unsavory characters like Frankie Evans, a low-life bookie. Hunter gets his chance to redeem himself through his connection with his brother, Malik
(TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, Book #3) and a team of friends who take no prisoners. They really come through for Viviana and Hunter. This story has it all-romance, steam, action, and suspense. It is well-written with a tight storyline. Taking the “Boo-Hiss” award is Viviana’s mama, Chandra. She is a piece of work!

There is nothing like second-chance at love, and Viviana and Hunter get back to the way it was, but better. Their HEA is worth the wait.
CASINO HEAT is Book #5 of the Reunited Series, but each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone. Don’t sleep on this one. It’s a winner!

8th August 2022 |