Review: Can't Hide Love
CAN'T HIDE LOVE - Cheris Hodges
Richardson Sisters (Book #4)
Kensington Dafina
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: The fourth Richardson sister, Alexandria, is featured in this story. What a great story it is! Alexandria, aka Alex, is the “all about the business” sister who runs the family’s legendary and historic bed and breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina. A true workaholic, Alexandria is pushed by her three sisters and father to take a singles’ cruise and for once in her life forget about work. The sisters, Nina (OWNER OF A BROKEN HEART), Robin (WON’T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU) and Yolanda (OPEN YOUR HEART) left no stone unturned as they took care of her wardrobe, ticket upgrade and transportation to the ship. She was not going to miss the boat!

I like the twist on opposites attract that talented storyteller, Cheris Hodges, employs in this engaging story. While on the cruise, Alex meets and falls for the one man who believes that all work and no play has no place in his life. Meet Wesley Prescott, the chief architect and owner of Prescott Architects. Wesley believes in dedicating authority and staying under the radar. When the story opens, Wes is taking “another” vacation. It just happens to be on the same cruise as Alex. What happens when Alex and Wes meet on that cruise is nothing short of romance at its best! I loved how Alex eventually slowed her roll and began to enjoy the cruise with Wes. They are drawn to each other by an unexplainable chemistry that consumes them like a hot fire. However, what I enjoyed even more was the storyline after the cruise when Wes showed up at the bed and breakfast to oversee the renovations. Who knew?  Wes becomes immersed into the family drama while trying to navigate a relationship with Alex and complete the renovations for the B&B. Mixing business with pleasure will prove to be a dilemma for the heroine and hero. The story moves seamlessly from start to finish.

The minor characters who are primarily composed of family members, lend their support to the protagonists, as well as adding intrigue to the story. Sheldon stands out as the patriarch of the Richardson family. I love the family dynamics of the Richardson clan. The HFN for Alex and Wes was delightful.

CAN’T HIDE LOVE is an engaging story that I enjoyed reading. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. As a matter of fact, I recommend the The Richardson Sisters four book series. You won’t be sorry. I promise!

15th May 2022 |