Review: Business Not As Usual
Jennifer Copeland  (A)

REVIEW: BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL by USA Today best-selling author Sharon C. Cooper is an amazing and fantastic book. When reading a Sharon C. Cooper book, I know that I’m going get an amazing story. This is Mrs. Cooper’s first forage into the Rom-Com genre, and she didn’t disappoint me at all! I couldn’t put my book down until I finished reading it.

tells the love story of Dreamy Daniels and Karter Redford. Dreamy lives to the beat of her own drum. She’s a secretary and is in college to get Bachelor’s Degree. Karter is a venture capitalist who invests in start-up companies. Dreamy and Karter first meet for the first time when Karter comes to Mathison Technology where she works for a meeting to see if he’s going to invest in the company. When Karter first meets Dreamy, he’s so drawn and captivated by her. Dreamy is so attracted to Karter as well, but she has sworn off of men because of her last relationship. All Dreamy wants to do in her life is take care of her grandfather, finish college, start her non-profit and hit the lottery. Dreamy and Karter see each other again when Dreamy goes to the center where Karter volunteers to help future business owners with their business plans. Since meeting Dreamy, Karter has been thinking of her and wanting to pursue her. Karter finally asks Dreamy out dinner? Will Dreamy accept his invitation? Will the pair become a couple? Will Dreamy dream of winning the lottery come true? You will have to read BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL by Sharon C. Cooper to find out!

I loved the way that Mrs. Cooper wrote this book! It has so many laughing out loud moments in it, I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the scenes in the book.  I also loved the storyline and how it moved so seamlessly that I felt I was in the book following Dreamy and Karter’s journey to love. My favorite character besides Dreamy was her grandfather. He was so funny. Dreamy, too, touched my heart because of all her struggles and how she handled everything with a smile. She didn’t let life get to her at all and she pushed through. My least favorite character was Karter’s mother. I couldn’t stand her and her pompous ways.

Overall, I loved
BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL by Sharon C. Cooper! Like I said, it had so many funny moments in it. The romance was so sweet and passionate. Dreamy and Karter were made for each other. They really balanced each other out. I could go on and on about this book! Make sure to grab a copy of BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL.

6th April 2022 |