Review: Bound By Her Rival's Baby
Ghana's Most Eligible Billionaires (Book #1)
Harlequin Presents
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Atu Quayson and Amelie Hayford’s families were once very close, but a tragedy destroyed their friendship. So now the two families are bitter enemies, trying to destroy each other. Amid this feud, Atu and Amelie are fiercely attracted to each other. But they err on the side of caution in fear of alienating their families. But there comes a time to throw caution to the wind and give in to your heart’s desire. On a business trip, Atu and Amelie begin an affair with an unexpected result. Her pregnancy is a game-changer. But, before they can make plans for their future, a misunderstanding tears them apart. As a result, Atu and Amelie are miserable. Will they overcome the latest obstacle and have the happiness they deserve?

Atu is a Ghana billionaire and head of the Quayson empire. His power and influence guarantee that he will get whatever he wants. And right now, he wants to buy his rival beach resort. Amelie always felt second place in her family’s affection. But now, it’s up to her to hold on to the family business. Unfortunately, Amelie feels it slipping through her fingers with no funds to make necessary repairs.

BOUND BY HER RIVAL’S BABY is a story of forbidden attraction between two rivals. After getting to know the two main characters, Atu and Amelie's dislike is perhaps a little forced. Because beneath all the angry spoken words is an intense desire that finally reaches a boiling point. With the sizzling heat between them, Atu and Amelie had no other choice but to act on it. Ms. Banks did a great job with this beautiful enemy to lover's romance. It is well-written, with a plot that’s easy to follow, and the pacing is excellent. This book contains plenty of drama for your entertainment, and all the characters are first-rate.

BOUND BY HER RIVAL’S BABY is Book #1 in Ghana's Most Eligible Billionaires Series and a very good read. Amelie and Atu’s story will capture your attention and keep you enthralled for hours. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.
1st March 2022 |