Review: An International Affair
A Lassiter Wedding Series (Book #1)
Siri Austin Entertainment
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW:  The latest story about the Lassiter clan that features Luke Lassiter and Sasha Coles is a blockbuster! This novella is chocked full of everything that makes for a dynamite read! A fairy tale wedding, handsome men, beautiful women, luxury in abundance, romance, mayhem and family loyalty are just some of the components that form this engaging and highly entertaining story. If you have never read an Iris Bolling story (which sounds absurd), I recommend this one. Even though you might not be familiar with the characters, the strong storyline will speak for itself. The hero and heroine, Luke and Sasha, are surrounded by a cast of unforgettable characters. Their wedding is the catalyst that launches you into the world of the Lassiter family and friends, and what a world it is.

The Lassiter family, this twelve-deep, close-knit patriotic group of genius siblings, six sons and six daughters, headed by parents, Sally and Joe, were brought up in a house full of love. They are all present as side characters in this story. The wedding is almost a side note as they rally around the couple to make sure everything goes according to plan. Why the guarded atmosphere at what should be a carefree occasion? I can sum that up in two words, Stephanie Coles, the shady mother of the bride. I am going to leave that name-drop right where it is and allow you to discover just what this devious woman is all about, and how she is stopped in her tracks. Ms. Bolling does not play when it comes to handling a character who is out-of-order! I’m just saying!

is aptly titled because Luke and Sasha’s destination wedding occurs on international waters aboard a luxury yacht capable of accommodating ALL the members of  Luke and Sasha’s families, children included. Also present is the President of the United States, JD Harrison and family, along with his security detail, simply serving in the capacity as the Uncle of the bride! What a family! In spite of the pre-wedding shenanigans, Luke and Sasha’s HEA is one for the books.

I love this story! I recommend it for your reading pleasure. Do yourself a favor and become acquainted with the Lassiter clan if you have not read their stories. It’s an eleven-book series titled
The Gems And Gents. More weddings are coming, and you need to know who the players are. You can thank me later.

1st June 2022 |