Review: Almost Perfect
ALMOST PERFECT - Delaney Diamond
The Cordoba Agency (Book #4)

Garden Avenue Press
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: ALMOST PERFECT by Delaney Diamond is the latest installment of the Cordoba Agency Series. Hunter Mitchell’s latest assignment from the Cordoba agency is in Paris. It’s easy and allows him to enjoy the city and do a little research about his past. This is until Sable Devereaux blows into his life like a tornado. Sable’s goal is to complete her last heist, use her earnings to invest in an antique shop and live a quiet life with her family in Tennessee. However, she’s thrown off course when she is involved in a dangerous situation.

Sable and Hunter have a friend in common who has an apartment in the area. Unfortunately, Hunter doesn’t realize that his home away from home is also Sable’s hideout. Hunter thinks Sable is stunning. He can barely concentrate on the task at hand when he first discovers her, which is to figure out why she broke into the apartment. Sable is annoyed by her attraction to Hunter and how something as simple as the lift of his month unsettles her. Hunter agrees to help her out of the situation and things go from there.

Inevitably, Sable and Hunter grow closer. He has no interest in a relationship because of his line of work and not having time to cultivate it. However, he is drawn to Sable. At one point he has to keep his hands in his pocket, in order to keep them off of her!  Their casual conversations lead to them wanting more. Being in close quarters and in the romance capital doesn’t help either. This, along with the adrenaline from what is going on, finally pulls them together. It’s the thrill of it all. So much heat is packed in their first kiss and they have a sensual need for each other. The love scenes are steamy. They also complement each other in the heat of the battle. Like the title, things are

Sable has someone who depends on her and she’s not sure what the future holds. She’s also realistic about the type of man Hunter is. To his credit, he sees beyond the present, to the future. The reader can always expect the Cordoba agency series to have action, danger and suspense. Cruz Cordoba makes sure his team has the reinforcements they need. There are also touching moments included throughout, like the thoughtful gift that Sable gets for Hunter to connect him with his past. I enjoyed
ALMOST PERFECT, and highly recommend it

19th June 2022 |