Review: A Vow To Claim His Hidden Son
Ghana's Most Eligible Billionaires (Book #2)
Harlequin Presents
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Ekow Quayson’s cyber security experts discover that someone has hacked into his bank. However, they also find that the culprit lives in South Africa, giving Ekow pause. Eighteen months ago, Ekow spent an incredible weekend with a woman he can’t seem to forget. When his experts track the hacker to the house of that same woman, he arrives on her doorstep. Unbeknown to Ekow, Evangeline Annan gave birth to his son seven months ago. When Ekow discovers the truth, he demands that Evangeline and his heir return to Accra, and that she becomes his wife. In exchange, he will not press charges against her brother, Jonah, for hacking into his bank. Evangeline agrees, and they begin life as husband and wife. What started as a pact between Ekow and Evangeline blossoms into a love that will last a lifetime.

Ekow is the other billionaire brother in the Quayson empire in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. But being wealthy doesn’t guarantee love and affection in a family where your father only gives it to his firstborn child. So growing up, Ekow always felt invisible and unloved by his father and his mother. Therefore, he has no idea what it feels like to love. Evangeline has been raising her baby and fifteen-year-old brother alone since her mother passed away two years ago. Her online accounting business makes it possible for her to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. However, since Leo’s father denies his existence, working from home is her only option to ensure her baby is properly cared for.

A VOW TO CLAIM HIS HIDDEN SON is another excellent read by Maya Blake. Ekow and Evangeline had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy. But, of course, Ekow has no idea due to his father’s meddling until he comes face to face with Evangeline. Unlike Ekow’s father, Jonah, Evangeline’s little brother intervened to make Ekow aware of his son’s existence. This book has a good storyline. The characters are carefully crafted into the complicated individuals you meet between the pages of this entertaining narrative. The pacing moves along swimmingly. And, Of course, the sparks between Ekow and Evangeline will surely keep you reading.

A VOW TO CLAIM HIS HIDDEN SON is Book #2 in the Ghana's Most Eligible Billionaires Series. Ekow and Evangeline’s story is entertaining, emotional, and enjoyable. Finally, these two people find the love and happiness they richly deserve. I recommend this book for your reading pleasure. Because once you start reading, you will be glad you made the effort.

25th June 2022 |