Review: A Fortune In The Family
The Fortunes of Texas (Book #5)
Harlequin Special Edition
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: The Fortunes, a family with a “rich history and deep ties” in Texas, are featured in this multi-author series. Talented writer, Kathy Douglass, features Josh Fortune and Kirby Harris in her contribution to this series, The Fortunes of Texas. She does an excellent job of using the single-parent theme to tell a compelling story. Kirby is the widowed mother to two girls, Lily and Violet. She and Josh, a carpenter, have a meet-cute at Kirby’s Perks, the heroine’s coffee shop.

When Josh and Kirby meet, there is an immediate mutual attraction. However, Josh is a little hesitant because he has a tendency to fall in love fast, and that has never worked out for him. Kirby’s hesitance comes from the fact that she has a business to run, two daughters to raise, and heart-breaking memories of losing a loving husband. However, Kirby enjoys being with Josh, and Josh likes being around Kirby and her daughters. While Kirby is not actively looking for a companion, she recognizes that Josh can be the one to give her a second chance at love. I like how Ms Douglass navigates their relationship. Josh has no qualms about including Kirby’s daughters in the “courtship” equation, and that endears him even more to Kirby. I enjoyed their journey to love. Even though the  romance between Kirby and Josh is the primary storyline, there is also an underlying plot weaved into this story, as well as the other four stories in this series.

Something mysterious happens as each Fortune character in this continuity series finds their mate. Each one receives a mysterious gift. No one knows who the sender is, what the gift means, or the message attached. In this well-written story, Josh receives his mystery gift while attending a birthday party for someone else. That’s all I’m revealing about that, but it is certainly disconcerting.

As a disclaimer, I must admit that
A FORTUNE IN THE FAMILY is the only story in this series I have read, but kudos to Ms Douglass who does an exceptional job in connecting the reader to the characters from the previous books. In this story you will meet the other Fortune family members as supporting minor characters. [Side note: The mystery will be solved in the last book of the series, FINDING FORTUNE’S SECRET.

I enjoyed reading
A FORTUNE IN THE FAMILY, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. If your catnip is second chance romances, this is the book for you! It certainly follows the series theme: “Believe in Love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness”. Happy reading!

20th April 2022 |