Review: A Caribbean Heiress in Paris
Las Léonas (Book #1)
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Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: A CARIBBEAN HEIRESS IN PARIS is Book #1 in a new series by Adriana Herrera.  Luz Alana Heith-Benzan, a Scottish and Dominican woman, is trying to establish herself and expand her family’s rum business. She encounters James Evanston “Evan” Sinclair under not so pleasant circumstances, as they have claimed the same area to showcase spirits at a distillery expo and competition in Paris. Evan is described as irritatingly handsome and an attractive nuisance, but Luz Alana is trying to remain professional. Evan, the Earl of Darnick and heir apparent to a Duke, finally has something he is passionate about…his Whiskey enterprise. He is amused by the spit fire of a woman he encounters at the expo.

Evan has never gotten over a betrayal by his father. He’s also trying to right some wrongs that were done to his mother, who died seven years ago. With a mysterious ally’s help, he has an opportunity to take control of his family distillery if he makes the right moves. Luz is stuck between a rock and a hard place, being a woman of color. Her deceased father, as a sign of the historical times, left someone else in control of her inheritance. Luz and Evan realize they have a lot in common in dealing with grief and can also help each other achieve their goals. Luz experiences more sexism than racism and Evan finds himself coming to the rescue.

As part of the expo festivities, Luz and Evan attend an erotic “show”. Evan and Luz have mastered the art of flirting and a kiss is bound to happen. A second kiss leads to a third. Ms. Herrera writes an independent heroine, who despite her inexperience, has no problem expressing what she wants, in and out of the bedroom. Evan is caught off guard but quickly catches up. Lust leads to love but may not be enough to sustain them past their business arrangement. They are uninhibited physically, but communication of their feelings is lacking.

Ms. Herrera explores the history of the heroine and hero, tapping into their Scottish and Dominican genealogies. I enjoyed the use of imagery and clever phrases. She describes someone looking at Evan “as if he hung the moon.” Secondary characters round out this interesting story, including Evan’s siblings. Luz’s friend, Manuela, has a feisty personality. Evan is charmed by Luz’s ten-year-old sister, Clarita, from the beginning, who in a “from the mouth of babes” moment, provides the solution that Luz and Evan need.

I really enjoyed
A CARIBBEAN HEIRESS IN PARIS and look forward to the next book in the series.

8th July 2022 |