Review: A Game Between Friends
Lockettes of Tuxedo Park (Book #4)
Harlequin Desire
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: A GAME BETWEEN FRIENDS is a fitting end to the Locketts of Tuxedo Park Series. Fans of the series have wondered when we would get Xavier Lockett’s backstory. He’s been dealing with insecurities after his career ending injury. After spending some time to reset, he has finally found his calling in sports casting and mentoring young players. A few years ago, Entertainer Porscha Childs needed to focus on her mental health after she experienced a career set back, in addition to losing her father.

Porscha and Xavier met at a rehab facility and had a passionate affair. Porscha’s eyes could make a man melt and Xavier was under her spell. They comforted each other when they needed it the most, but misunderstandings caused a hurtful break up. Three years later, a searing kiss causes those feelings to come rushing back. They start spending time together. Xavier brings Porscha “peace during the storm” and describes being with him as “satisfaction that made her want to sleep a thousand years”. This is quite the visual.

Porscha and Xavier have a lot in common. They both have a domineering parent trying to push them to do certain things. They also have communication and trust issues, and try to distance themselves from each other to protect their hearts. The overall question is, will they keep it casual or realize that they have a future together?

Second chance love is one of my favorite themes. I also enjoyed getting updates about the rest of the Lockett family. Xavier’s sister Giana is so insightful and knows what type of advice her brother needs, even when he doesn’t ask. The patriarch of the family comes around and makes sure his kids know that he loves and supports them.
A GAME BETWEEN FRIENDS is a great end to the Locketts of Tuxedo Park Series and I highly recommend it.

19th June 2022 |