Review: Where She Lays
WHERE SHE LAYS - Dahlia Rose
Indendently Published
October 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Wayne Jordan | RATING: A
REVIEW: I don’t think I have ever read The Princess and the Pea which inspired this story, but I decided not to read it. I didn’t want to be influenced by references to the fairy tale. Instead, I found myself immersed in Ms. Rose’s unique storytelling.

WHERE SHE LAYS introduces us to Patrick Royale and Jewel Vaeth, two totally different characters, but there is an instant overpowering attraction between the two. I loved both of the characters. He is rich and privileged, she is poor and hardworking, but I never felt that these aspects of who they are, defined them. I just saw two individuals who are initially attracted to each other, eventually fall in love. It is that journey to true love that is intriguing, funny and touching.

The real conflict in the story comes from the family’s (a.k.a his mother’s) tradition of choosing a son’s bride by placing a coin under her mattress (a hint of
The Princess and the Pea, I think), but Ms. Rose doesn’t fail to emphasise that it the nature of the individuals and their openness with each other, and not tradition, which is important to finding true love.

The menagerie of secondary characters adds a nice touch to the story. I loved Patrick’s family. Of course, his father is endearing and funny. His battle with his overprotective wife over his diet is hilarious. There is no character who is not important, and I am eager to see more of them in the series.

The love scenes are any romance reader’s fantasy. They are wonderfully graphic, realistic and downright sexy. Each love scene titillates and is a sensuous experience. I literally had to turn the fan on during the love scenes.

WHERE SHE LAYS is an awesome read and I see why Ms. Rose is an USA Today Bestselling Author. She deserves that accolade. If you haven’t read a book by Ms. Rose, you can correct that, whichever genre is your preference. She writes in multiple genres. So, go and get your copy of WHERE SHE LAYS. It is a perfect introduction to the author’s work. You won’t regret it.

6th November 2020 |