Review: Vows in Name Only
VOWS IN NAME ONLY - Niama Simone
Harlequin Desire
November 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming RATING: A
REVIEW: Cain Farrell is livid when Gregory Cole blackmails him into a marriage of inconvenience with Devon, his unsuspecting daughter. Cain has no desire to be married, especially to a stranger with a social-climbing father. But Cain has no choice if he wants to protect his mother from being subjected to gossip and humiliation among Boston society. Likewise, Devon complies with her father’s demands or risk hurting people she cares about. Assuming that Devon is a partner in her father’s scheme, Cain makes it clear how much he despises her and declares to make her life a living hell. But attraction and loathing can’t co-exist. One will cancel out the other. Cain and Devon’s overpowering attraction won’t allow them to ignore their feelings, no matter how hard they try to control them. They fall in love despite the mistrust between them caused by other influences.

Cain suffers a lifetime of physical and mental abuse at the hands of his now-deceased father. Abuse that damaged him so profoundly that he built a wall around his heart that no one has been able to penetrate until now. Devon is a kind-hearted young woman whose love for helping others is exploited by someone close to her. Tired of being used as a pawn, Devon takes a stand to remove the implied threat and, therefore, regain control of her life.

VOWS IN NAME ONLY is an excellent read. Naima Simone continues to validate herself as a great storyteller with her new Billionaires of Boston Series. And what a story! On the one hand, you have the hero’s father still controlling his son from the grave, and the heroine’s father is manipulating the situation for his own selfish gain. Cain and Devon find themselves caught in a web they can’t see a way out of, but do they really want to escape? Their interactions suggest total dislike for each other. But body language is worth a thousand words. Cain and Devon’s attraction is so thick; you can cut it with the proverbial knife. This book has all the components to capture your undivided attention for hours. Secrets, deception, blackmail, and love are just a few things packed inside this page-turner. Multifaceted characters keep frustration and emotions running high. Together it all makes for compelling reading. This author has done it again!

VOWS IN NAME ONLY hit the ground running in Naima Simone’s new Billionaires of Boston Series. I read it in one sitting. Every time I read one of her stories, I’m reminded why she is one of my favorite authors. This book sets the tone for more fascinating characters and stories to come from this new and exciting series. I highly recommend it to other readers like myself. You won’t be able to put it down!

20th November 2020 |