Review: Trust Fund Fiancé
Harlequin Desire
September 2020
Catagory Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Reagan Sinclair is weary of living under the restrictions her family has imposed upon her for the last ten years and decided to do something about it. She made a mistake when she was sixteen, and her family has never let her forget it. Reagan has an inheritance left by her grandmother that she can only get if she gets married or turns thirty. Reagan has no intention of waiting four more years to get what should already be hers. She decides to enters into a marriage of convenience with her friend, Ezekiel Holloway. Unbeknown to each other, Ezekiel and Reagan have always been attracted to each other but never crossed the friendship line. With the intense chemistry between these two, they not only crossed the line, they totally destroyed it. With opposition on every side, they travel a rough road to get to the love they deserve with each other. For Reagan and Ezekiel, it is worth the journey.

On the outside, Reagan Sinclair appears to be just another rich girl, but underneath she is so much more. Below the surface is a strong, independent woman struggling to emerge. All Reagan needs is a push from the right person. Ezekiel Holloway is part of the powerful Wingate family but feels as though he doesn’t belong. He has issues where the heart is concerned, but this strong alpha male has a sensitive, caring side that quickly endears him to the reader.

TRUST FUND FIANCÉ is a great ‘friends to lovers’ story. Ms. Simone never ceases to amaze me with her storylines and the characters between the pages of her books. This is another well-written story, as is her usual standard of writing. The characters are complicated yet relatable with personalities that clearly define their disposition. The plot and character development in this book alone will keep you turning pages. And the mystery surrounding the goings at Wingate is another draw to keep you interested. Reagan and Ezekiel's marriage of convenience takes a turn they didn’t expect but one they secretly yearned for, even though they tried hard to deny it. Their feelings are indicated strongly in all their interactions. They have no choice but to fall deeply in love. Reagan and Ezekiel burn together!

TRUST FUND FIANCÉ is a good read, and I would most definitely recommend it. Even though this story is part of an ongoing series, it can stand on its own. I look forward to reading more about the Texas Cattleman’s Club Series. There is a lot more to discover.

6th September 2020 |